Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bombs away

I was third person to turn in my test and walk out of the classroom.

The instructor told us last week that he was going to lecture after the test because we're already a week behind, but tonight he decided to have mercy on us. His words were, "I think lecturing after the exam would just be too much on you tonight." Oh, that just built up my hopes - built 'em all the way up from the possibility of failure to probability of failure.

Some of the questions were easy and I didn't have to think about the answer - I just knew them. Others were worded so strangely that I wanted to scream. I ate the eraser off of my pencil during that test. Maybe that eraser will stop the diarrhea....

Paul told me last night that I've been downright ridiculous what with all the fretting and fussing I've done this week over that test. He said, "You've studied. You've studied a lot. You're either going to pass or fail. So quit making yourself sick." He's wise, my husband. Not really a touchy-feely-cry on my shoulder kinda guy, but still wise. So as soon as I got down the stairs and into the lobby I called him. He hadn't been expecting to hear from me until after 9, so upon hearing my voice he said, "Wow. You're done early. It must not have been as bad as you thought it was going to be, huh? Now....I made a pizza and I'm putting some for you in the microwave right now. Get home to me and the kids."

And that right there pretty much assured the fact that he's getting laid tonight.

And I'm really glad I didn't divorce him 8 years ago when I realllllly wanted to and I think he wanted me to as well.


Carmel said...

Isn't it amazing that our spouses sometimes just don't know that simple things like that will get them just about anything they want.

Weathering the storm of marriage is more often than not -- worth it. Not always, but sounds like you're doing well:)

WHIP's said...

You'll do fine!!! You study a lot...a lot a LOT! and congratulatins on being the Okie funny lady!!!! I dunno if I'm going now, but I hope you all have a blast!

Cazzie!!! said...

LMAO, I love how frank you arein the last bit of your post here. I am glad that you got throgh the test alright. I didn't mind studying at all, I always had a routine worked out, then again, I didn't have kids when I studied for my degree. So, kudos to you for doing this. Hubby is right you know, our brans can only take so much of what we read, the rest is up to the way they word those questions in the exam isn't it?

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