Friday, September 28, 2007

It's official!

I spent my day today moving my little sister out of the farmette only to come home and MOVE MY BLOG TO ITS NEW HOME!!! I've been a busy girl today, huh?

Please change your bookmarks to The blogspot address will still redirect, but I'd still like to get direct hits, ya know?

And to celebrate the moving and whathaveya, I took some really awful pictures of myself. It's 88' right now here in NE Oklahoma and we turned out AC off. I don't want to turn it back on, so we're suffering through the weekend in hopes that things cool off by next week. Annnnyway, the minute I walked in the door I pulled my hair back in a big humongous curly poufy ponytail and didn't think about taking pictures of my new bling. I'm not taking it down, but I had so many (three!) requests for the bling, I took the pictures anyway.

Those of you who will be seeing me next weekend at the Okie Blogger Roundup, please don't change your plans and decide not to go now. I swear I won't be so scary next Saturday.

I love taking pictures in the mirror.

I am also easily amused.

Look.....a hint of bling on the ear piece.....makes you long for more....I mean long for more bling, less forehead. (Thanks, Dad, for that lovely piece of DNA)

Oh look - less forehead, MORE BLING!!

Glaring white cheek.....need blush......

Please do not be frightened of my glowing white face - I look much better in candlelight. That's why I carry candles with me everywhere I go.


Going Like Sixty said...


Going Like Sixty said...

I always wanted to do that. (First) It's so dorky...
Love your bling - you weren't kidding look at those diamonds!

Now if we can just get you to ditch that gawdawful CAPTCHA!

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sixty might be the first, but I knocked you up to 100,000 on the Bravenet counter!


Anonymous said...

Love them!

And the font is much easier on my eyes.

P.S.; The Round-up is on OU/texas weekend, so I can't make it! Perhaps you could place a pair of stirrup pants in a chair for me, because I'll be there in spirit.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Love the bling! And congrats on the new home; I would be in heaven if I found a pink trailer like that.

M&Co. said...

Love the bling!

Stewed Hamm said...

Girl, you know Fitty's gonna be lookin for you if you sportin that kind of ice.

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