Saturday, September 01, 2007

What To Wear

It's time for a moment of seriousness here at Redneck diva. Sit here at Auntie Diva's knee and be still and listen, children, while I ask this question of you:

Would you wear a certified "Redneck Diva" t-shirt, complete with Certificate of Authenticity from the Franklin Mint?

(Note to self: contact Franklin Mint about getting some Certificates of Authenticity...)

Would you wear one in the house?
Would you buy one for your spouse?

Would you wear one at the store?
Would you buy one or two more?

Do you like to wear diva shirts?
Do you rhyme like I, in spurts?

Would you buy one for your brother?
Would you put one on your mother?

Would you wear one at the mall?
Would you hang one in the hall?

You should wear one to the store!
Then you will not be a bore!

Buy one, buy one, if you may.
Buy one, buy one, because if you don't I'll hunt you down and boil your pet rabbit.

Okay, all Seussing and psychopathic tendencies aside, I'm working with an amazing designer on an amazing design for some possible amazing t-shirts and before I go any further into the amazing process, I want to know if there's an actual demand for such an amazing thing. I mean, I bought a DadGoneMad t-shirt, but it's only because I secretly have a crush on Danny and don't dare tell him because his Hot Wife will kick my not hot redneck ass. So instead, I bought a t-shirt. And took a picture of myself in it and he posted it and now his wife is 100% positive she can break me clean in two.

Anyway, would y'all wear Redneck Diva t-shirts if they existed?


jusdealem said...

I would if they were free.
I am quite broke, you see.

Nonetheless, I'd give it a go.
Never hurts to try, you know.

I would copy your wonderful plan.
But I am a blogger without a fan.

Good luck Diva!

Cazzie!!! said...

Yes I would...for sure...if it hat Cat in A Hat on it's back!

Anonymous said...

I would wear it...and nothing else. To the mall, to schoolyards, on COPS (She hit me first occifer!), while having sex.....

Sam said...

Totally. Hook me up. Or...sell them. Yes, sell them and I shall buy one and I will be cool evermore.

Queen Of Cheese said...

You know I'd wear one!

Going Like Sixty said...

Sure! I'd wear it to the next Mary Kay party I went to.

Or I could give it to Hillary the next time I see her.

Or if the proceeds go to a good cause, I would buy one and eBay it as a collectible. Autographed?

GERBEN said...

LOL, oh how I love T-Shirts. Yeah I would so wear one! YeeHaw!

Queen Of Cheese said...

p.s. will that be in pink camo? Just wanted to make sure I had matching Old Navy flip-flops!

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