Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Learning to learn

Kady has sight words in Kindergarten. Each week when the teacher sends home the weekly letter, I write the new ones on a notecard and add them to the pile that we store in a ziplock bag. We go over them occasionally. Like, when I'm not crying over my Macroeconomics book.

Her sight words up to this point are:


Kady was really struggling with these words and was getting to where she would cry before we'd even get them out of the bag.

So we made her laugh. Because that's what we do - what we can't control, we laugh at.

Kady went to her teacher today to take her sight word test and told Mrs. Weese that her momma and daddy showed her how to remember her sight words -

"We can wook at my butt! See it?"

We were sitting at the dinner table when she told us that she had told Mrs. Weese our little trick. Paul choked on his macaroni and I think corn shot out of Abby's nose.

Fortunately, she didn't moon Mrs. Weese like she did us last night.


Going Like Sixty said...

Oh please post what Mrs. Weese had to say!
If she isn't anything but grateful for your involvement, she shouldn't have given you a lob you could hit out of the park.

Great job!

jusdealem said...

Hahaha very clever!

GERBEN said...

LOL, God I love your family! ROFL!

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