Tuesday, June 12, 2007

When it rains, I cry

Ever have one of those months?

Last week I had to ask people to stop teeing me off.

I also started working out.

This week, I've already had to deal with a hater.

It's also been too hot to hug around here.

And now.....

Today the first of four AC guys came over to give us a bid on installing central air. ACDude #1 asked a few questions, nodded a lot, then asked where the furnace was. Upon investigation, he discovered that the furnace has been struck by lightning. It's dead, dead, deadsky. We didn't know that because we haven't used it in three years. I know, we really aren't smart enough to own a home. Add the cost of a furnace to the cost of AC and well, I doubt we are getting central air.

ACDude #2 is coming out tomorrow. I used to "go with" his son back when I was high school. When I left a message for him yesterday, I started to say, "Yeah, this is Kristin Hoover. I used to be Kristin Bass....yeah, I made out with your son in the back of the band bus a few times and I'm hoping that you'll give me some kind of discount for that. I was his first kiss, after all....." But then I remembered that they really didn't like me going with their son because I was an older woman (Cap'n, I think he graduated with you) and we had to sneak around to call each other because well, what with me being so tainted with age and all. (I was 16, by the way) So instead I named dropped Mom's name because everyone loves my mom. We'll see if that helps any at all. It's going to have to help to the tune of a couple thou, based on ACDude #1's bid.


And ACDude #1 suggested we file a claim on our homeowner's insurance and that would at least defray the cost of the furnace, but because we can't do anything simply and uncomplicated, Paul's mom's name is on the deed to our house and therefore, she carries the homeowner's insurance because she's cool like that. We just insure the contents. I called her today to see if she'd file a claim so we could get things rolling and she's refusing, saying it'll raise the rates. GRRR! I assured her it wouldn't. Explained to her that we've filed claims on our other house and our rates haven't gone up, but she's adamant. Why do we have insurance then??? I wanted to beat my head against a rock many, many times today.

And with all the rain we've gotten, the creek is almost up over the road below our house. And that isn't too bad because we've got a back way out. But....we've had so much rain that it's nearly over the road above the house, too. We're on a hill and we're safe, but if it floods both spots, we're stuck here awhile. Paul says he'll take a boat to get out for work, but I'm thinking he hasn't thought far enough ahead to how he'll get to work once he's out of the boat.....And Abby's freaking out because we're out of milk. I told her I thought we had time before Noah pulled up with his ark to get to Wal*Mart tomorrow - providing it doesn't rain all night....

And to top it all off.....

I dropped my camera today and broke it. I mean, broke it. It's in two pieces. My Mother's Day 2005 camera that cost almost as much as my laptop. I'm sick. Being without my camera is like being without my Razr - it just doesn't happen. Even if I don't take a picture with it every minute, I still have it with me virtually all the time. Just in case. So tomorrow I have to call the Drugstore That Sucks and see if their camera guy - the only camera guy in town that I know of - works on digital cameras and if he doesn't, I'll begin driving around town, stopping at random businesses to see if someone that works there doesn't have a cousin whose brother-in-law's uncle's mom works on digital cameras.


Marshamarshamarsha said...

Go ahead and get schnockered. Sounds like you are entitled. Sorry your week is going so badly!

Cazzie!!! said...

I want Special K now too!! Hold the vodka okay, LOL.
Hugg to Diva, from cold cold Melbourne, it is 9 degrees celcius here I tell you..cold cold cold..did I say cold?
Anyhow, too bad your MIL can't let you claim on the insurance, indeed, it is what it is for.
We have AC here, not yet conected, but I hope it will be b4 summer arrives.

Petey said...

Just checked the radar, yup, it's raining your way again and it oughta be a good, long, hard rain. We're baking over here in the SW. No central A/C, only 4 window units and 3 of them are new ones we bought last year. Our bedroom unit is from 1977 and it ices up along the bottom if you run it too cool. No need for a furnace either; we put in one of those vent-free gas fireplaces, heats up the living/dining room real nice and we use electric space heaters in the bedrooms. But they have gas/propane heaters that you can put in the bedrooms too. Just thought you might like to know. And, the contents of my purse. It should be more like a duffle bag; I've got so much shit in there. I gotta go tackle the heat; it's only 88 and 51% humidity; so it feels like 92. Which is only moderately hot and I have A/C in my Bonneville.

Oh yeah, I have a keychain that says "LOOK... my key ring says SHIT in it"

Poogie, Petey's hu-mom

Kellyology said...

Man I'd cry too...especially about the camera. Not that the rest, especially the working out, wouldn't set me off. But my camera? That's like losing an arm or something!

Hillbilly Mom said...

See? Marsha's got it right. When it rains, you should POUR...the vodka.

Doris said...

I wouldn't bother with the Special K, frankly,

(Chanced upon your blog while browsing, by the way, and am liking it muchly).

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