Thursday, June 21, 2007

M-O-O-N. That spells "pool."

Monday, Bub and I called each other, nearly simultaneously, to see if we could take each other's kids to the pool. I wanted to take them to one of the free (have I mentioned I'm unemployed?) wading pools in town, however, he suggested the BIG pool, a place that gives me nightmares. I said, "If you feel froggy, jump, but I'm taking them to the wader, dude."

So Tuesday night, the Tater Tots spent the night with us, after Tater and I had taken them swimming at Grammy's Connie's pool. Then yesterday we went to the wader where it's free and shallow and safe and guess what - no one else was there. (Probably because all the other parents aren't water phobes and had taken their kids to the big pool.) I had taken the laptop because last year's lifeguard there refused to acknowledge my existence, much less the kids' and I wasn't going to sit for two hours with nothing to do. But the laptop stayed in my stylish leather tote because that lifeguard is just about the sweetest thing EVER. She makes $7.50 and hour and had a date with a guy named Torrey last night (hope it went well, need to ask her next time I see her) switched schools because that other school was the worst school system EVER, has a killer tan, was able to hold an intelligent conversation with a 34 year old mother, was attentive to the kids, wasn't a killjoy, but didn't let them drown each other either. Altogether, an enjoyable experience. She called me by name when we left, hugged the kids and told them to come back and see her and all evening my two kids told everyone they knew that "our pool" has the coolest lifeguard EVER.

And even though he thinks I didn't see it, I caught Sam holding his hands out in front of his chest when he was talking about her to his dad.

Funny.....Paul said that next Monday on his day off, he was going to take the kids to the pool.


Marshamarshamarsha said...

I know money is tight, and gas is too much right now, but if the price of gas goes down, or if there is some special occasion, you should try the Riverside water park in Independence, Ks. For three dollars a person you can swim from 1-8 pm, LOTS of lifeguards, kiddie pools, concession stand (which is what really makes the money), water slides, and a floating river. On a certain night, there is a family deal but I can't remember what night it is. Great for little ones and big ones!

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

Public pools? Wow. You must live in a...a...civilization! They have public pools in Memphis, but every year some kid dies from swimming in them because they don't keep them clean, and every year people seem to forget that and go trottin' right back.

Ever since I got old enough to understand bacteria and the like, I've been afraid of pools. It's like soup. But not fish soup.

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