Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Sunday I stopped at the video store because Paul was going to watch the kids while Mom, Tater and I went to see Knocked Up. Unlike our usual, we've actually been watching the movies we've rented, rather than returning them after 7 days, completely unwatched.

Whether you want 'em or not, here are my reviews:

Knocked Up - If you liked The 40 Year Old Virgin you'll more than likely like Knocked Up. If you didn't, you probably won't. I, personally, am like a 12 year old in that I think dirty words and potty humor are f**king hilarious. When Mom, Paul, Jon, Tater and I saw Virgin, at one point we were all slid down in our seats, breathless and crying from laughter. During Knocked Up I was laid over the seat next to me (thankfully no one was sitting there because I'd have really invaded their bubble), laughing, crying, gasping, etc. Tater nudged me and said, "The people behind us are laughing at YOU, not the movie!" I didn't care. The pot-head friends in the movie were classic males and I guarantee you, there are scenes like those in the movie that occur daily where young, immature guys are involved. The movie had its serious moments, too, and those were well-played and sincere. I also found the labor/delivery scenes to be eerily close to the real thing and when she managed the final push that delivered the baby, I realized I'd been pushing and holding my breath. Oy. Danny posted a YouTube of a deleted scene, which I had watched earlier in the day before seeing the movie. I knew it was going to be good, if that was a scene they deleted. I laughed till I cried during it, alone. I give Knocked Up it 4,570 thumbs up.

Epic Movie - Along the lines of Scary Movie and Date Movie and equally as dumb. However, I keep watching them because there are a few laugh-out-loud moments scattered throughout and I like to see if I can recognize which movies they are parodying here and there. I give Epic Movie 1/3 thumbs up.

Pan's Labyrinth - Wow. Cap'n Neurotic had mentioned that he and his friends watched it last week and how good it was, so I decided to take the plunge. But not before asking Cap'n if reading the movie (It's in Spanish and subtitled) took away from it at all. He said that since he was used to reading subtitles, it didn't bother him. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Paul tried to watch it with me, but he's not a very fast reader and it was annoying the hell out of me to have to read the subtitles out loud to him. He tried to just watch it and ignore the dialogue, but you can guess about how long that lasted. He left me to read/watch alone and went to bed. I was utterly transfixed by the effects and the story was enchanting. There were several moments where I was biting my hand because of the suspense and one time I said out loud, "Oh, go, go, GO!", urging Ofelia to run faster into the maze. It's definitely an adult fairy tale and not for kids. There are some very gory, graphic scenes and before the first one came on-screen, I had been considering allowing Abby to watch it: Sure, it's dark, but I think she can - Oh, dude! He just caved in that guy's face with a bottle! Oooookay, I'm changing my mind. Not for the kiddies. If you like a good fantasy tale about fairies and fauns and long-lost kingdoms..... I recommend Pan's Labyrinth. I give it 4,567 thumbs up.

Everyone's Hero - I haven't watched this one and have no desire to, but if your kids are the kind that take catch-phrases from movies and repeat them ad nauseum, this one's full of 'em. If I hear "My head! My butt! My head! My butt!" one more time.....


Melessa Gregg said...

It looks like I'm gonna have to rent Pan's Labyrinth and go see Knocked Up. I may skip Epic Movie for now, but never fear, Dave will make sure I see it eventually.

But first, I've really got to see that last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I keep think it will happen "next weekend," but so far it hasn't.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Knocked Up: haven't seen, but really, really want to. Everyone I know who's seen it has said it's hilarious.

Epic Movie: Nowhere near as funny as the original Scary Movie, but better than most of the sequels, and light years better than the horrendously unfunny Date Movie. Not that EM is anything to rush out and watch; in fact, I might just like it because for once they managed to keep the crap/puke jokes down to a minimum. Plus, Crispin Glover and Darrel Hammond kicked butt in their respective Johnny Depp roles.

Pan's Labyrinth: So glad to hear you enjoyed it; I always wonder how films like this will be received by others.

Everyone's Hero: have never had any desire to see this one at all

Sam said...

My cat Dude is seriously pissed off that I moved him out of my armpit to make an actual comment. But fuck him, anyway. So, I went to watch the deleted scene and then another deleted scene and I am taking my happy ass to the movies tomorrow all by myself to see Knocked Up. Thank. I need a pick me up!

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

I haven't seen the others yet, but I'm with you on Knocked Up. Immature, but real. It was refreshing.

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