Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh, where to begin

Friday, even though Abby came home with a lot of really dirty laundry from camp, I didn't wash one single stitch of it. I enjoyed the peace and harmony that was the sound of my three children getting along and playing amicably. Which didn't last, by the way - they are fighting like normal today.

We've been riding the 4-wheelers every night, but Abby felt so rotten, she stayed here while we rode Friday night. I knew she didn't feel good if she didn't take advantage of riding after having missed out on it for a week. Poor baby.

Saturday morning the kids and I slept in and after cartoons and more lying around lazily, I began the laundry - 9 piles in all, scattered about my bedroom and living room. Abby's face was so swollen from her horrible rash that she could see her cheeks puffed out under her eyes. Which, I'm surprised she could see anything because her eyes were swollen half shut. She was also complaining of a bad earache and that she couldn't hear very well. I figured she was just tired and cranky from the rash, gave her a Motrin and a Benadryl (Meanie, I hear it works for all sorts of things) and when she really complained later in the evening, I put some numbing ear drops in her ear. I really figured it was swimmer's ear.

Yesterday morning, she and Kady were sitting in the dining room floor, feeding Baby Alive some synthetic pureed peas when she said, "Mom, when you have swimmer's ear, does your ear drain yellow goo?" I stopped mid-plate-in-the-dishwasher, asked her if she could hear better and when she said yes, turned and grabbed the phone and called the insurance's nurse advice line. The nurse said it sounded like her ear drum had burst and to not put anymore drops in her ear. Great. I called her PA for an appointment this morning, but they couldn't get her in until tomorrow. Her ear drums are already so scarred from numerous infections as a baby/toddler that she already has a marked hearing loss. I hope we're not repeating history with her ears.....that would suck.

Today she also had a dentist appointment in Tulsa. Today was Ortho Day, so we waited awhile to see the Dr. That is never a problem, though, because his staff is wonderfully amazing. A kid in the chair next to Ab was getting his braces on and we watched that awhile. Ab got oodles of sympathy from the assistants and hygienists because of her rashiness, we found out one of the girls is newly pregnant and one of the office girls is starting to dilate. (That poor dentist is sooooo out-estrogened in that office.) We chatted with our assistant while the Dr. put the brackets on the kid next door - talked about engagement rings, tattoos and summer vacation. Finally it was Ab's turn and he said she'd made so much improvement that it was time to start talking braces. I knew it was coming, he'd mentioned it at her last checkup, but back then he'd said in a year or so. He, being the kind, amazing, wonderful, generous soul that he is, cut us a deal. He cut us one on her headgear, too. I don't think I could ever switch dentists, he's been so wonderful to us in that area. But still, even with a deal, we have to find $1800 in the next month or try to finance with them through Capital One, which I don't want to do. The reception clerk handed me the pamphlet on financing and even though I took it I said, "Thanks, but we're going to use the Native American Gaming Establishment Dental Plan." The office was quiet until it finally sunk in. Then they laughed and said I was funny, but I wasn't kidding.

But we're too broke to even gamble. I couldn't tell you that last time I was in a casino.

We (fingers crossed) hopefully have a renter for our house in town since Tater told us to rent it to someone else because she's not sure when someone will buy the farmette. I just got it worked out to where we can actually pay our bills and eat this fall and now we're looking at a new payment. And I want to put the braces on her now, rather than later, because I'd like for them to be off before middle school, but...... Sam's mouth is so much worse than hers and the Dr. is hopefully going to put him in a headgear in the fall, which is another payment. I hate to take on a payment for Abby's mouth, which is cosmetic, and then not be able to take on a payment on Sam's mouth which is not just cosmetic but structural.

We just spent this week eating Spam and tuna sandwiches. (Not Spam and tuna together - they are both gross enough by themselves, thankyouverymuch.) We haven't paid our eletric bill OR the cell phone bill from last month. Not quite sure if we are going to be able to afford fireworks next week. Paul's mom gave the kids money for a pool and while I want to use it to pay our electric bill, I instead have to actually buy something for them to swim in, but it won't be a pool, it will be a stock tank because pools and all the acoutrements are expensive. Paul said he swam in a stock tank when he was a kid and said when they get slimy and green you just hose 'em out, pour a little Clorox in 'em and they're good as new. Yay. Can't hardly wait.

Ever have one of those weeks? Aw, who am I kidding - this has been a royally rotten month.

And July 3rd is a week away. Read here and here and here for stories about the Curse of the 3rd. I can't wait to see if it will be a tornado, wide-spread electrical outages, snakes in the window, motorcycle wreck, attic fire, sick child (twice, once with a trip to the ER) or death by guillotine this year. Yes, literally everything except for the guillotine has happened to us on or around, mostly ON, July 3rd.

Ooh goody.


Anonymous said...

A stock tank has proven to be one of the best purchases we've made in the past 25 years. Our kids liked it, our grandkids liked it, the wife and I liked it. And now, our dogs take baths in it.

"Okie pools" last forever and kids can't tear 'em up. They're easy and cheap to maintain. You can use the water for 7-10 days before draining to irrigate nearby plants. (Ours has a drain that fits a garden hose.) A 7' round one works good for 2 adults or a slug of kids. I've used it countless times to cool off while working outside in the summer; sometimes topping it off with well water. Not to mention how much fun a big round 'Okie jacuzzi' under the stars is with your significant other. (I'll let you figure out how to get the water moving.)

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

Did you pee on an Indian burial mound too!??

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