Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not much really. You?

Yesterday I waited around the house until 2pm and ACDude #2 never showed. Or called. I don't get that! I understand that when you are working, sometimes things come up, but there are these new-fangled inventions called cell phones and they are an amazing technology - they allow you to make courtesy phone calls. Amazing.

Anyway, after having heard from a friend of the family who happens to be the flood plain coordinator somethingorother for the county and he relayed that we'd be flooded in by midnight if the rain moved in, I decided to leave the house. I called ACDude #2's number and left a message and I also left a note on the door. No results from either. It's after noon today and I still haven't received a call from him. OR ACDude #3 who was supposed to come out this morning.

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe God is trying to tell you something? But why would God not want us to be cool? Does He not remember what Oklahoma summers are like? You'd think He'd have an idea, seeing as how He's kind of like, in charge of it and all. Oh, don't get on me for doubting God - I'm trying to be funny. The heat-induced delirium likes it when I'm funny. God's going to take care of us and we will not expire. I have faith in that.

Okay, so the kids and I went to town to get "a few groceries" yesterday. Isn't it funny how you walk into Wal*Mart with the sincere resolution that you are only picking up the absolute necessities and you walk out with about 6 bags that totaled $85? Well, not so much funny haha, but funny dangit. Here's an even funnier "funny dangit" thing - I had $74 in the checking account. Payday isn't until tomorrow, so we had to borrow from Mom and make an emergency deposit to cover it. I hate that. This not-working thing is going to take awhile to adjust to. We have to make Paul's payday last longer now. It's do-able, we just kind of .... forget. Have I mentioned before that we're irresponsible?

I've really got to get my portfolio together....why am I putting this off? This is my opportunity to start writing! My chance to get my feet in as many doors as possible. You'd think I'd already have done that. Analyze me, folks. Is it a fear of rejection? Fear of failure? Laziness? Don't answer that last one.

Last night, Paul and I watched Apocalypto. Hmh. It's hard to describe how I feel about it really. First off, I guess I just thought that the Mayans would, for the sake of the film, speak English. I did not realize that we had to read the movie when I rented it. When I watched Pan's Labyrinth last week, the reading wasn't a problem because it was a fantasy movie and that is really not Paul's thing and he went to bed. But this one promised gore and violence and he wasn't giving up. I tried to just watch the movie and ignore him, but he kept saying, "What'd he say? Go back. Dangit. Missed that one, too," so I ended up reading the movie to him to preserve my sanity. Really, only the parts where there were lots of words, though. The visual effects were amazing and I truly did feel like I was in an ancient Mayan village, but the line in the movie where one of the Really Bad Dudes said, "He's effed" was just really not cool. For one thing, the ancient Mayans weren't the ones who came up with the term Ask Wikipedia. The suspense was almost too much and I thought the forest chase scenes were wayyyyyy drawn out at times. And the ending - well, frankly it pissed me off. Sorry, Mel - Apocalypto isn't getting a glowing review from me.

This weekend is the Buffalo Bike Run and Keith Anderson is putting on a free concert Saturday night. Paul, Tater and I have had made plans to go and did it weeks ago, but they've changed the forecast to include storms on Saturday and I personally have no inclination of becoming a lightning rod, so I'm not sure what we'll end up doing. The kids are taken care of overnight and I am SO not staying at home. After the week I've had I can tell you that much. And I really want Paul to see Knocked Up so he'll laugh, too, when I say "Smooshmorshmon." Right now, he just stares at me when I say it. Tater laughs hysterically, but Paul, not so much.

Speaking of him staring at me, I am totally amused by the Cingular commercial where the little tween girl txtspks to her mom. The other night Paul asked me a question and I answered with a flippant, "idk my bff Jill" and he looked me me like I had sprouted a new head. He literally said, "Woman, have you done gone off your rocker?" And my reply: "TISNF!" He went back to watching the Science channel while I sat on the couch and laughed myself silly. I really just amuse myself most of the time. I guess I need to teach Abby how to txtspk so we can carry on conversations that will drive her father up the wall. Yep, I am the epitome of maturity.

Yesterday, the kids fought all. day. long. It was just one of those days.

"Well, you're ugly."
"MMMOOOOOMMMMM!! Bubby said I'm uglyyyyyyy!"
(tears begin)
"Sam, did you say your little sister is ugly? Why would you do that?"
"But she called me stupid!"
"Kady, did you call Bubby stupid?
"You guys are both dorks."
"Abby, hush, you are not involved in this."
"Well, she called me a baby awhile agoooooo!"
(more tears)
"Good grief! That was like, an HOUR ago! Dude. You ARE a baby."
"Abby! I am standing right here! It's not smart to call her a name when I'm within smacking distance of you."
"Go to your room. In fact, all three of you go to your rooms. I'm tired of being a mommy right now, k?"
"How did I get involved in this? So not fair..."

And that's when I had to go to the kitchen to giggle because in my head I immediately converted that last comment into "TISNF!!"


Going Like Sixty said...

My wife was so freaked out because Midas Muffler actually calls whenever her car is fixed that she took them cookies at Christmas.

Imagine: what we think would be routine good customer service so rare that it deserves Christmas cookies.

Have you seen the text messages for Boomers and Mommies?

WHIP's said...

I've had a smiliar week to yours. I blame it on Oklahoma. It POURED down rain last night and we discovwered a nail hole in the roof over cait's room. We discovered this by shimmying through the tiny little door in the 3am...and tippy toeing across the roof beams to where the noise was coming from. Then I spent 30 minutes reassuring Cait her whole room isn't going to grow a furry mold all over it when in fact, I'M not all that sure it won't. Today, Jim (who is in the air force) found out he didn't get promoted, but my snarky 'friends' husband did so she felt inclined to phone me at 7AM. Now, my dryer is dropping hints that it's planning an early retirement, and my windshield wiper on the passenger side has apparently gone on work at all. I think copious amounts of booze are the only solution to these and all other problems. BTW.I have a link to a freelance writers web site. You have to wade through the crap and very few are paid gigs and even fewer pay anything worth talking about, but it's publication for a portfolio. Lemme know if you're interested

Anonymous said...

That commercial totally makes me giggle, too. It's the little things that help when you can't pour the vodka over the cereal...or tie the kids to a tree (I had a "friend" advise me to do that to my 3 year old boy. But I think my boy would think it was great fun...). -Marsha

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

We saw Apocalypto when it was in theatres, and I think that seeing it on the big screen probably made it better.

Still, I felt the exact same way about it as you just described. The chase scenes were drawn out, and the ending was a true WTF moment. Tim loved it.

Cazzie!!! said...

Yep, they hate to be c`alled babaies, bugger them, next time they all fight I am gunna throw myself on the floor and cry and howl and roll around and when they all stoip fighting to look at me rolling around crying, I plan to say, "Well, that IS wht you all look like get out!!" LOL

Sam said...

SNF that I can't even think clearly enough to comment very well but sending love for your funniness and shit. I get it.

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