Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Going Like Sixty posted this today and it started me thinking. Not only thinking Why but also thinking What do the contents of my purse say about me? What would the contents of my purse tell the people of the future?

So I decided that right here, right now, I'd share with anyone who cares or stumbles in here out of sheer coincidence, the unabridged and unedited contents of my purse.

May the future be promising because of this post.

Just got this purse a few weeks ago. Not the most favoritest purse I've ever owned, but better than a fanny pack for sure.

Quick peek inside..... looks messy. Hope you folks from the future don't judge too harshly.

Ahh...what do we have here? Last week's grocery list. What does this tell the people of the future?

Tells 'em that I forgot the tomatoes and peppers.

Coupons!! Penney's and Lane Bryant - Yessssssss.

This shows that I'm thrifty.

My mom found these packets of tissues at the five and dime in Branson for yep, a dime!

Thrifty again!

Bath and Body Works body spray in Honeysuckle. Mmmmmmm. Ya never know when you might need to refresh, right? Just a little spritz into the air conditioning vents drowns out the smell of Happy Meals, too.

Shows that I am not stinky.

Any time we eat the Rib Crib I throw all of the wipes into my purse. You just never know when a public restroom will be toilet paper-less and while those Ideal Boy tissues are okay for tears at a funeral or an errant preschool booger, they don't hold up so well for the heavy duty stuff, ifyaknowwhatImean. There are like, 6 in my purse right now.

This shows that I am prepared because I Am Mother.

My ever-present sunglass clip. Can't leave home without it. Seriously. My corneas would melt.

This shows that I am blind and solar-sensitive.

Keys! That's Eeyore dangling there. And my son thinks it's really clever to say, "Mom's keys have balls!"

This shows that I drive a vehicle and have a smart-ass son.

In keeping with my dorky Disney mania....my Tinker Bell checkbook cover. Complete with Tinker Bell checks. No pixie dust, though.

This shows that I need a life.

Hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. No obsessive/compulsive should be without it.

This shows that I need medication.

Also included in the contents:

*One boring brown wallet with no money inside
*Inside boring brown wallet: Video Giant membership card, tribal cards, insurance cards, Sam's Club card, little cards I made up with my blog address and my redneck gal on 'em because I never have paper to write it down for people, the kids' shot records and mine and Ab's library cards.
*An ID that depicts me as a blind annnngry Native American because they made me take my glasses off and not smile.
*One comb
*Two tampons that look pretty rough from being in my purse so long
*7 peppermints from Sonic
*A necklace Kady made at VBS
*A necklace Queen Tammy gave me that I took off the other night when I slept over at Tater's.
*One Razr phone
*One small bottle containing: 5 baby aspirin (just in case someone has a heart attack and I can save their life), 3 Extra Strength Tylenol, 8 ibuprofen and 2 Benadryl
*An envelope containing expired coupons
*A book of matches from Buffalo Run Casino
*A Sharpie marker
*Cinnamon Bun Heaven lipgloss from Bath and Body Works
*One orange Bic lighter
*One pen light that only works if you whack it on your palm a couple of times
*One emery board
*One purse-size photo album
*One tire pressure gauge

This is what happens to me when I've been without air conditioning.....my brain melts and I take pictures of the contents of my purse. Someone help me.


Sam said...

That's fabulous... don't you hate how feminine products degrade when they sit in your purse and then you have an emergency and you have to choose between toilet paper and a scary tampon?

Marshamarshamarsha said...

I don't want to help you because that was so entertaining, but I swear you were looking in my purse except mine is the peach one that matches yours, so my keys have peachy colored balls. You are missing the Excedrine Migraine pills, though. I am sure you can guess what those show...

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