Friday, June 22, 2007

Home again, home again

I picked Abby up from camp this morning. Man, I missed that little shit. We all did - even her brother hugged her. (The boy declared earlier in the week that his big sister is quite possibly the antichrist, so he must've really missed her.)

She somehow came home with more luggage than she went with and also about 4 pounds of dirt on her rashy little body. She also bought some viscous goo for her brother which he has been sticking on his nose so it looks like he's sporting a foot-long booger and a flashing mouthpiece for her sister. Kady has spent the last few hours shut in the dark bathroom, admiring her flashing mouth in the mirror.

She just now got out of the shower and declared, "When I stepped out of that shower I thought that God had given me a new body! Then I felt my rash and realized it's the same ol' body I had. But I sure smell better."

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