Monday, May 01, 2006

Hmh. Sparkly.

You know, as a parent, that it's time to get a lock on the bedroom door when, after you and your signifigant other give each other the high sign, make a run for the bathroom and have some quality "Mommy and Daddy time" in the only room of the house that has a lock on the door, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and see sparkly blue Crest For Kids toothpaste all over your elbows.


Anonymous said...

THAT is the definition of 'parent'.

Freaking priceless.

- Boggzie

Cazzie!!! said...

LMAO!!!! Gotta love it now don't we? Before, when we only had the 1st child here 9 yrs ago..I had my nanna live with us. She started to have the old night time dementia coming on, she would come in at about 3a.m...turn our bedroom light on and say, "Nurse, where's the toilet?" I'd say to my husband, "OMG, I am sooo glad we weren't doing the bad thing right then" At least she got the nurse bit right..but she had forgotten I was her Grand-daughter right then.
THe other part of being a parent that I love is when you go to the shopping centre and you need to go to the loo, the kids follow you in and they ask at the top of their voices, "Mum..are you doing a wee or a poo" everyone gotta know, LOL. No secrets in a family are there?

Shannon said...

OOH Diva! Gotta watch that toothpaste...:)

Rebecca said...

Hi Diva,
I'm going to scrape the barrel of comments by asking; "So DID it offer 12 hours protection?"
Yeah, it is one of those days.

Redneck Diva said...

Boggzie, think I could get on a Visa commercial?

Cazzie!!!, kids are so great about opening their precious big mouths. Like the time we were sitting in the barber shop and Abby asked if we could eat at a certain chicken restaurant in town. I said no and she asked why. Sam hollered really, really loudly, "Because it gives Mom the diarrhea!!!" The poor barber nearly chopped someone's ear off he was laughing so hard.

Being a parent is great. Sparkly toothpasted elbows and all.

Shannon, definitely!! And is it wrong that the entire time I kept thinking, "My gosh, I need to clean the grout...and that mirror is all smudgy...ooh, better change that roll of toilet paper soon..."

It's hard to get out of Super Mom role and into The Woman My Husband Married.

Rebecca, yes. And I have no cavities on my elbows either.

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