Monday, May 01, 2006

Big Blogger - Task #1 - Let's Go Shopping

Okay, the benevolent Big Blogger let me into the house, even if I did get around to it late. Many thanks to Rebecca for squeezing me into the hizzouse!

For those of you who care, Big Blogger is the blog version of the TV show Big Brother. Check out the link for all of the details. I didn't get in on last year's festivities, but Hillbilly Mom did. She got beat by a cheese sandwich, too. Poor thing. She's OH SO PRETTY, but sometimes the sandwich wins.

So the first task for all of the housemates - we get to bring something into the house!

My contribution is FittyMaid Brand Storage Containers. It never fails, when you move you never have enough boxes to even pack up your stuff. And then when you move in the closets are way smaller than you thought they'd be. (Trust me, this place has very little closet space. And Cazzie's Cool Cleaner is much-needed.) Every person who has moved has always been in need of versatile, sturdy, hideable storage containers. If you're really short on space, FittyMaid containers are waterproof, dirtproof and perfect for burying in the backyard.

They come in three sizes to fit your burial and storage needs:
The Original Fitty-Five Gallon size for everyday use
The smaller Fitty Gallon size, for those bits and pieces.
And the *NEW* Hundred Fitty Gallon size, for those extra large jobs.

The containers come in clear, camouflage and Oklahoma Red Dirt colors. I will bring an assortment of each, just in case.

"FittyMaid Brand Storage Containers - Because Momma always knew you'd end up here."

Note: To those new to things around here, my mother is just 100% certain that because I blog I will end up hacked up into bits and buried in someone's backyard in fifty-five gallon drums. Hillbilly Mom has named my virtual stalker, Fitty. Fitty is the cause of everything evil that occurs to any of us at any time, any place. He's bad, that Fitty.


Rebecca said...

This Is Big Blogger.

Your entry for this week has been noted.

Queen Of Cheese said...

I think I know where Fitty went to high school........I'm sure he's at the root of the evil running amuck at the Coach family house!

Hillbilly Mom said...

But how will the FittyMaid Storage Containers look in your mother's yard at Halloween? Sometimes, ya gotta stick with the original.

Mrs.? Mrs.? Where are you hiding? Is this a new game? Your URL is not found on this server. What's up with that? I give up? Come on out. Are you in the Witness Protection Program? Do you have ties to Fitty? Have you been chopped up by Fitty, and sealed in a FittyMaid Storage Container? Did Diva duct-tape you to the you can't run away when she whacks you with a stick until candy comes out of your sister? Don't make me call Unsolved Mysteries.

Cazzie!!! said...

Sounds like your mum has been watching all them CSI episodes, they can play on your mind you know, LOL. But..why would you need to be hacked into lotsa bits when you got them mega containers there aswell?
Sounds like a great idea to bring these into the BB2 house, now I can hide a most precious posession in one of the Fitty Gallon Size containers...oops!

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs.Coach, I figured he'd be related to your clan. Those Gibsons are a tricky bunch.

HillbillyMom, well, for the Halloween pranks ya gotta go with the original drums, but for everyday storage and burial use, sometimes FittyMaid is just more practical.

And for the record, I have never duct-taped Mrs. Coach to the floor or anywhere. Nor have I beaten her till candy came out of her sister. I have, however, visited her for free cheese. But that's it. I swear.

Cazzie!!!, my mother is a bit on the paranoid side, yeah. She's a good momma, just a little wound up.

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