Thursday, May 11, 2006

Big Blogger 2 - Task #2 - "In Da House"

Our 2nd task for Big Blogger is to create a posse. We must choose two people from our blogroll that can run as our offsiders and we have to rhyme why they are cool enough to run wit' us.

Word. Yeah.


I got my girrrlz together
and we formed a bad-ass group.
We have lotz of thingz in common -
Number one iz baby poop.

We're a gang of redneck mamaz,
Don't go messin' wit our kidz
Or you'll find yo'self in a 55-gallon drum
Wit' us sealin' all da lidz.

Now, don't go thinkin' we're all evil,
We're not as violent as we sound.
Just mind yo' mannerz, wipe yo' nose
And at naptime settle down.

By day my girrlz are secretareez,
But at night da hair comes down.
They slap on do'rags, sag their draw's
And head out on da town.

Jen works at a lib-rare-ee
At da local college.
She seemz mild-mannered and super sweet
But she'll kick yo' ass full of knowledge.

In da morning about 8
Off to work she'll go.
But at night she'z doin' drive-byz
Tossin' cheezecake out da window.

Stormie iz my homegirl.
She'z as Irish as can be.
With red hair, frecklez and lots of 'tude
She'z Irish Divinity.

She won't kill you wit a gun.
She's not a natural born killa.
She'll just leave a turkey in her van for a week
And kill you wit' Sal-mon-illa.

So now you know our namez
You pansy-assed bunch of whinaz.
We're three tough mommas,
We don't back down.

We are da - Graffiti Creator


Jennifer said...

Ohmygosh! That is to funny. Seriously tears are rolling down my face... mild manner? Super sweet? LOL

Rebecca said...

This Is Big Blogger

Sorry I noticed your entry before, but had no time to post a reply, it has been noted.

Now, get on with the next task, NOW!

Irish Divinity said...

Oh my gosh, I wondered what you were talking about!!! I'm going to have to go reapply my eye makeup!!! You crack me up!!!

Kelli said...

Too funny Diva!

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