Saturday, August 25, 2007

Well, so much for that

Thursday I spent an assload of time on the algebra course website working problem after problem and filling in page after page after page of letters and numbers and lots of angry scribbles from where I'd gotten stuck. Yet, I felt like I might have learned something and put my exhausted brain to bed.

Friday I had to work and it was a really, really hectic day at work. I got there early in hopes of getting off early because Paul had the day off and we wanted to have lunch together before we had to go to the school to see Abby be an Indian princess at the monthly assembly, but instead, while already running a hair late on a transport, I got cut off by a train that decided to STOP on the tracks in front of me and sat there for, kid you not, 15 minutes, which made me want to curse a lot and kick something, but I had a van full of adorable, impressionable children and while it's okay to screw up my own kids, I don't think the government would appreciate me screwing up someone else's (big breath) ............ then because the weather was horrendous and stormy and windy and rainy I knew the satellite internet would take a dive and I'd be rendered frustrated beyond belief, so since we hadn't gotten to have lunch together, Paul and I decided to go out last night which meant that around 10:30 this morning was the first time I had gotten to check the website about my classes and this has to be the world's longest and most annoying runon sentence ever. Awesome me. Some book editor is going to love me someday.

And upon logging on this morning I discovered an email from my Algebra instructor who informed me that the course code she had given us in the handout was for the spring semester and was therefore, NOT VALID. After pulling out about 8 handfuls of hair and screaming to the heavens in anguish and emotional pain, I read further into the email.

And I quote: "According to the report, you haven't got too far in to the course, so it will not be a waste of time if it will let you log in to the correct semester."

And while I'm sure she just meant, "Honey, you've only had your password for a day, so you probably only had a few minutes or so to work on the assessment and some problems," but I assumed she knew I had toiled and labored and whined and whimpered and kicked my desk and broke two pencils in OVER SIX HOURS of work and was instead saying, "Well, you're such a dumbass, it won't matter that you have to redo all that work because, honey, you need help. And a short bus."


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

I hate to ask you to do more math, but would you mind confirming for me;

I know that a buttload is 3 shy of a shitload. I learned that at a very young age. So am I correct to assume that

Ass = Butt, so
Assload = Buttload?

And therefore, if

Shitload - 3 = Buttload, then
Assload + 3 = Shitload?

Please show your work.

WHIP's said...

I'm taking pre-pre algebra. I'm not so very smaer that i got to skip pre-pre-pre algebra..i actually took it my first semester of college way back when dinosaurs roamed the planet.

well, this is my first semester in this college and I wanna know when the hell they started assigning homework the first day of class?? more disconcerting is the fact that i was seriously lost by day 2. I still have pre-algebra and regular sized algebra to contend with so i'm basically contemplating beauty school at this juncture. if you lived here, we could ride the short bus together...and lick the windows

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