Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bettin' on the ponies

I walked into Kady's room to tuck her in, but instead of finding my 5 year old snuggled up in her blankets and pillows awaiting a kiss and a hug, instead I found her lying on her back, feet on the wall, both hands in her mouth, trying with all her might to pull her new loose tooth.

I said, "Kady, sweetheart, that tooth isn't ready. Daddy wiggled it, I wiggled it and that tooth isn't coming out tonight. Sorry."

And like a true princess, when she heard information she didn't want to hear, she melted down and teared up. I said, "Good grief, Kady, it's not like that tooth is going to disappear after midnight. Or turn into a pumpkin like Cinderella's coach."

"But Mawwwwwwwwwwwwwm! I want. it. OUT. I want some money!!"

"Why? Why does that tooth have to come out tonight? Can't it wait until tomorrow night? The Tooth Fairy can deliver money on a Thursday just as easily as she can on a Wednesday. your bookie trying to collect on ya? Kady, have you been betting on the ponies again?"

And then she was all giggles. Chances are (hopefully, anyway) the child has no clue what a bookie is, but the fact that I mentioned betting on ponies obviously struck her as freakin' hilarious. We spent a few moments laughing and then I had to explain what a bookie is. I'm sure my mom will be so proud.

But because I am a stressed-out, working, student parent who tries to avoid stress at home as much as possible, I succeeded: Crisis averted. Tooth forgotten. Kindergartener successfully tucked in.

I went about my business, tucking in the other two and turning out lights in the back of the house. I was heading back to the front room when I heard Kady giggle and say, "G'night, Momma. My bookie says goodnight, too."

I don't know where she gets it.

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Carmel said...

Betcha she knocks that tooth out before the end of the week. Hang in there kiddo, been there, done that with the kids, school and working. It gets better.

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