Monday, August 13, 2007

Cap'n Neurotic's Movie Watcher Survey, Part 1

Since Cap'n Neurotic is sporting a cast on his finger, typing is nil to none down his way,but because he's always thinking ahead, he made up a movie survey before his surgery. Feel free to do it, too and visit Cap'n while you're at it, okay?


1. Where do you like to sit at the theater? Front row, back row, or in between?With stadium style theaters usually the first row of the second section of seats if for no other reason than to put my feet up on the bar there. This was actually Cap'n's answer and I kept it. But I'll add that by sitting on that front row the kids can sit in those two or three seats all by themselves between the floor seats and the stadium seats. They think that is the awesomest.

2. Foreign language films – subtitles, dubbed, or not at all?
Funny, I have never in my life watched a foreign film until these last few months when I watched Pan's Labyrinth and Apocalypto within a few days of each other and the subtitles didn't bother me, but I wouldn't want to do it regularly or anything.

3. Favorite movie watching snack food?
Popcorn - it's all about the popcorn. If I'm too broke for theater popcorn, I'll snag some Junior Mints at Wal*Mart for .33 beforehand and hide 'em in my "movie purse."

4. What thing will turn you off of a movie almost immediately?
If Jackie Chan is in it or if it stars a current or former WWE star. Those two elements are the kiss of death for me.

5. Movie you’re most upset you paid full price for?
RV and The Simpsons Movie - both were utterly ridiculous wastes of film and I lost IQ points by seeing them.

6. Movie you didn’t have to pay full price for, but which was still a complete and total waste of your time?I wanna know how people are getting into the movie for less than full price!

7. Movie you loathe with the fiery white hot passion of a thousand suns?Borat

8. What was your first R rated movie?
I don't have the slightest idea. That was eons ago. I remember once at a slumber party, my mom let us rent a Chippendales video and Eddie Murphy Raw, so maybe those were my firsts.

9. What movie did you go to see the most times at the theater?
Probably Footloose

10. Most overrated movie?
There are a bunch, I'm sure, but none are coming to me right now.

11. Most underrated movie?
Napoleon Dynamite - I mean, yeah, it has a following, but it is movie genius and there are just so many out there that haven't experienced the magic that is Nappy D.

12. Movie that you always get sucked into when it comes on TV no matter how many times you’ve seen it?10 Things I Hate About You - if it is on, I cannot keep myself from watching it.

13. What special features do you usually watch on DVDs?
Outtakes, bloopers and if I'm incredibly bored, the behind-the-scenes stuff

14. Widescreen or pan-and-scan?
Not a clue. I just grab something on the shelf and whatever it is, I watch it.

15. Most disappointing film sequel/prequel?
Saw II and III
16. Biggest pleasant surprise?
As funny as this is going to sound, Taladega Nights. I was fully expecting it to suck.

17. Whose taste in movies is closest to your own?
Tater. We share a brain.

18. Whose taste in movies is furthest from your own?
Queen Tammy

19. Movie adapted from a book: do you read book or watch movie first?
Always, always, ALWAYS read the book first. Especially if Stephen King has had anything to do with either.

20. Movie you’re almost ashamed to admit you like?
Larry the Cable Guy, Health Inspector

21. Biggest tearjerker?
There are five movies that nearly kill me - Steel Magnolias, My Life, Penny Serenade, The Bridges of Madison County and The Notebook. I need an IV to rehydrate me after I've watched any of these.

22. Scariest movie?
To this day, I still haven't made it all of the way through Sixth Sense. I get as far as the tent scene and I'm nearly crying because I'm so freaked the hell out. And please don't laugh, but The Blair Witch Project scared the piss outta me.

23. Obscure movie you love but which almost nobody else knows of?
I'm pretty mainstream in my movies.

24. What’s the biggest factor in making you decide if you want to pay to see a movie in the theater or wait for the DVD?
There are just some movies that you can tell they are gonna be "renters." I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is one current movie out now that I will not pay theater price to see, but I'm sure we'll rent it. Taladega Nights was a "renter," too, but turns out, I liked it. You never know, but I'm usually pretty sure what's gonna be worth $7.75 and what's not.

25. What do most of your favorite movies have in common?
Laugh-out-loud BWAH! moments, utter stupidity, lots of the f-word.


Sam said...

Um, what the fuck? 7.75 for a movie? I just bought two tickets for a gift, and they were 10.50 each. They better give free head for that price.

Redneck Diva said...

Sam, when our new fancy schmancy theater came into town we were all shocked and disgruntled that they charge $7.75 for a ticket and roughly $37.25 for a small popcorn. The last time Miami had a theater it was $2 to get in and the popcorn was only $36.42.

Damn inflation.

Shannon said...

Get this... When I lived in Webb City on some of my days off of work, Brady would go to preschool and I would go to a movie ALONE. It is very relaxing. Anyway I happened to go see the Sixth Sense on a matinee and I ended up being the ONLY ONE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE JOPLIN HOLLYWOOD THEATRE! Talk about freaky! I made it through though with my popcorn and diet coke!

Cap'n Neurotic said...

You're the first person to fill out the survey and delete my choice for most overrated movie, which is sad because I was enjoying the streak of people actually agreeing with me for once ;)

As for the full-price question, I was thinking of those times when I got free tickets (Batman and Robin) or went to the dollar theater (Vampire$) and still felt like I'd been robbed.

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