Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A perfect way to end the day

All of the tears I shed this morning and the fact that I missed her so incredibly all day long disappeared as I rocked my baby girl to sleep tonight.

She doesn't fit in the crook of one arm anymore - she's a far cry from the just over 6 pounds she was when she was a newborn and we marveled at how a person could be so tiny. Tonight she was all arms and legs as she curled up in my lap. Her little toes with chipped purple polish on her nails rubbed against my leg as I rocked her and her woobie was wrapped around one hand. I realized as she was sprawled across me and the chair that her shiny turquoise monkey pajamas that were once her big sister's are getting too small. I knew she was growing, but when did she get this big?

Even though she was sound asleep, sleeping the exhausted sleep of a 5 year old after her first day of Kindergarten, she was still hiccupping after a complete and total meltdown from stubbing her toe not once but twice in a matter of about three minutes. Her newly bobbed hair was messy and in her face and as I smoothed it back I noticed just how many freckles she has after a summer of swimming. Everyone says she looks like me now, but all I see when I look at her is the adorable, self-assured little big girl who only recently dropped the title of "Kady Princess" and is now simply "Kady. Wif a D."


Going Like Sixty said...

Sweet Kady "wif a D." Cute.

JustLinda said...

Awwww... That's so sweet.

I had one start kindergarten too. She told me Tuesday it was the BEST day of her life. Then Wednesday she said it was even BETTER. I couldn't believe that Thursday could possibly be better, but it was.

Today is Friday - I asked her if it was still getting better. She said "No, today was the same. I think the days will all be the same from now on."

Oh, baby girl, you have no idea...

Kay Dennison said...

You took me back to sending my baby girl to kindergarten! Thanks!

Cazzie!!! said...

I cried here..of course, I am human!

Redneck Diva said...

Goinglikesixty, I knew that by giving her an unorthodox name spelling that she'd be sentenced to a life of "Kady. With a D," just like I am "Kristin. With two I's."

Sam, let it out, sister. Let it out. It's okay to cry over incredibly cute 5-year olds. That's what I tell myself, anyway.

Justlinda, Kady was the same way last week - every day was even more spectacular than the one before. But today she walked in the door, asked for a glass of koolade and then promptly burst into sobbing tears and just dramatically threw herself at me. She said she was just tired and I hope that's all it was because I'd hate to have to go down there and kick some 5 year old's ass. Of course, yesterday I sure could've thrown myself on my momma and had a big ol' cry myself.

Kay, the pleasure was all mine!

Cazzie, human and a mother - you have every right to cry!

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