Thursday, August 23, 2007

M-O-O-N spells "algebra is stupid"

I got my password to my algebra course around 3:15 today, spent about 15 minutes getting the download all downloadedy and stuff and within about 30 seconds of taking the "evaluation" felt like I was going to have a total meltdown. I didn't know ANYTHING on that screen! I realize I haven't done algebra since I was oh....15, but still you'd think something in the back of my brain would kick in. Oh, but no, 'twas not the case.

It is now nearly 11:10pm and I am finally stopping for the night only because my brain hurts, my feet are swollen and tomorrow is my long day.

It only took me about 3 hours into the course to start actually understanding what I'm doing.

I have to say that as overwhelming as it was at first, doing it with this program is THE way to do it. I work at my own pace (started out turtley and worked up to snailish) and it gives me LOTS of chances.

Now we'll see if I remember a single thing tomorrow.

Oh yeah, haven't read the first 2 chapters in my computer class, nor have I written 8 points about being an American or something like that for my AmerLit class. Ugh, and tomorrow night is my first Macro class.

I'm thinking junior college dropout isn't a bad title to drag around the rest of my life......


Melessa Gregg said...

No way! Back in my very early days of blogging I whined a lot about 'kollij' and had 2 or 3 very loyal cheerleaders telling me I could do it. Now it's my turn to pay it forward! First of all, Algebra sucks, best to get it over with and out of the way (and I'm sorry it's paired with Macro this semester, but maybe you will like it better than me.) Second, wasn't there a poem with a "rest if you must, but do not quit" line in it? Yeah that. (Maybe with a four kid memory, I should steer away with inspiring poetry and stick to lines I can remember.) Finally:
Go Diva! You can do it! Go DIVA! GO DIVA!! (And THAT I can remember.) No quitting-it ain't over 'till I sing, and you don't wanna hear that! ;>)

Going Like Sixty said...

Email me the next time you get stuck.
I'll send you a snarky insult, and you'll send one back, and before you know it it will be time for bed (for me) and you still won't have your homework done, but we'll have fun.

M&Co. said...

Oh man! Algebra sucks! You have my sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Just call me and I can help you over the phone. I am teaching three sections of Intermediate Algebra this semester at the college. PLEASE call me and I know that I will be able to help you understand. Don't let this go a day longer. CALL ME!!!!
Tracy Stone Johnston

GERBEN said...

Girl I'm sorry Algebra is kicking your butt right now. Don't feel bad. There is no way in heck you could get me to even TRY Algebra now. No way. Not going to do it.

LOL, and I love the M-O-O-N title. That spells "Funny stuff right there"

Queen Of Cheese said...

I did that last year, the one piece of advice.....just about the time you get all cocky about how easy it's going---it gets hard right that minute until the end. Sorry I wasn't more help! Good Luck! Call Jason if you get stuck, he helped me pass last year. Course I had to put out for help, you may want to find another tutor.

Anonymous said...

I totally have some tips to help you get through Algebra! I took six Algebra classes in college. Oh, shit! Did I tell you it was the same exact class? Yep...I took it 6 times in 3 states. 4 times in Oklahoma, once in Missouri & once in Virginia, which was the final time! I got an 89% which sorta make me sad, but at least I passed. I learned some things this last time that I had never learned before. :) I'll help you through it!!!

Anonymous said...

Algebra DOES suck. Thank the Lord I only had to take one math class in college (I actually CHANGED my major from Elem. Ed. to English just so I wouldn't have to take any more). Here for moral support though!

Redneck Diva said...

Melessa, you are one inspiring cheerleader! I can just picture you with pom poms and everything. (And somehow I bet they are crimson...) If I live to see the end of this semester, I may have to take a semester off. I may need a lobotomy, too.

Goinglikesixty, my dear sweet friend, the emails back and forth along this string of thought have absolutely made my day today. I'm seriously thinking of printing them out and hanging them on my office wall. That way, if I don't get an immediate response from you when I need one I can at least read the last one and laugh until you're there to insult me in person.

M&Co, my Nana used to always say, "If you want sympathy you can find it in the dictionary between 'shit' and 'syphillis'" so thank you for offering real sympathy and not sending me to the dictionary like Nana always did.

Tracy, you are an angel from Heaven, my friend. If it hadn't been for you today I'd have ended up in the corner in the fetal position, rocking back and forth and mumbling gibberish (which were my original plans for the day) so again, THANK YOU. I have a post-it on my monitor now with PEMDAS on it. Paul came through awhile ago and said, "Wha? Oh nevermind. I wouldn't understand anyway."

The Real Kidd, I will never in a gazillion years understand why they make word people take such a stupid math course. Ever. Never. If this were the only course I was taking this semester, I'd be fine, but seeing how I have 3 other courses, I am DROWNING!

Queem of Cheese, I have no intention of getting cocky with thinking I actually know what I'm doing. I just hope this is where my stellar memorization skillz come in handy and I can memorize the hell out of the tricks and tips I'm getting from everyone and muddle through. I'm thinking I can kiss Dean's Honor Roll good-bye this semester... dammit.

I like Jason and all, but I like you more and I'd hate to risk friendship over an algebra grade so yeah, I'll find someone who won't make me put out for tutoring.

Carrie, any and all help is greatly appreciated! This may be the semester I find out who my true friends are.

Miss Wisabus, thanks for stopping by and thanks for commenting.

The sad thing is, this is my zero credit Algebra course, so I have one more to go! Being a wordsmith I don't have to take more than college algebra for credit, but since I bombed the math section on the ACT 16 years ago, I'm stuck in zero level for now. Which is fine - my brain would explode if I were to try anything more difficult right now!

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