Thursday, August 02, 2007

So, who's throwing me a shower?

I am so tired and frustrated, I hear the echoes of her cries even though she is sound asleep in her bed, I smell of formula and she peed on my shorts awhile ago.

I feel like I am reliving Abby's first few days of life.

If anyone has any advice on how to best care for an abandoned kitten, please, for the love of all things good and not meowing in this world, email me: theredneckdiva (at) gmail.

We got her to suck awhile ago, but she only took half an ounce. I feel like that is just not enough. Granted, she's super teeny tiny, but everything I've read online said she should take more than that at a time. She also didn't really take the nipple of her own volition. It took much coaxing and prying to get it in her mouth and when she finally started sucking the kids cheered so loud I jumped and the nipple came out, thus ending that little moment of bliss.

I thought being a momma was hard, but being a cat appears to be much more difficult.


Shannon said...

Hey I got your message, I didn't know if you are still awake or not so I will call you tomorrow on your kitty problems. I wanted to talk to Carol before I talked to you. We should be able to help with spay & neutering the adult cats. :) unless you want more kitties. lol.
I posted two of our shelter dogs on my myspace. They are adorable!! I wanted sooo bad to take them home! Steve would kill me. Haven't told you the mouse story yet.....

MrsCoach2U said...

OK, I'm not a cat person and my first thought was "shove the kitten into the bottle, throw the bottle over the neighbors fence, take a shower and go to bed". But considering that might scar your children I suggest calling LeAnn, she's a known "kitten whisperer".

Anonymous said...

Said kitten appears to be about the same age as the three (minus one that expired on day three) that the stray momma cat in my jeep. They are now happily exploring your uncle's office. Momma Cat is still nursing them and if you think she might take on the little orphane, I am willing to give it a try. I remember Mom used to put Vicks on rabbit's noses to get them to take an orphan, might work. If not, my mom is retired and has been known to wade swift 4 feet flood waters to rescue her swimming dog and has experience bottle feeding orphan kittens before and could be persuaded to help with said orphan kitten. Give me a call if any of these options might help. Aunt Janet

Cazzie!!! said...

I'd love to be a cat and sit in the window in the sun and clean my fur and just sit around