Monday, August 13, 2007

Little bit of this, little bit of that

Today when I walked through my front door after work it was 1:49PM and 103.6 degrees outside. The heat index was somewhere around 451.2' F which is why all of the McDonald's and Sonic sacks in my van were on fire. Btw, if you haven't read the book Fahrenheit 451, you should. Seriously. One of the best books ever.

Because of this insane hellish heat, my cursed fat foot looks like someone has pumped it up with a bicycle pump. It's not pretty, it's not comfortable and I want winter. And snow.

I wore my leather flipflops to work today and that was not pretty. I wanted to wear my sneaks, but they didn't go with my capris that are actually Bermuda shorts, but I can wear them as capris because I have freakishly short legs and wow, I'm painting such a picture of myself, it's a good thing I'm not single.

Anyway, to summarize: foot fat, want winter, sandals ugly.


I finally got around to rearranging Ab's room yesterday and in the process, gave her my old CD boombox. Do they still call 'em boomboxes? Anyway, the child has the mack daddy of karaoke machines, but it doesn't have a radio and she really wanted a radio.

So now she spends every waking moment listening to the radio. She gives me a weather report on the half hour and knows our local news better than the anchors.

I think it's absolutely adorable how happy a radio has made my child. I remember when I got my first "jambox" back in the 80's......ah memories.


We went to church yesterday and no one was struck by lightning. It was actually wonderful. Like church is supposed to be. Here's how wonderful it was - we even went to eat with some of them after the service.

I didn't call anyone a dang Baptist, I didn't cuss once and no one judged my foot tattoo.

These are like no other Baptists I've ever known. I kind of like them.


Mom and I took the kids to see Hairspray Friday night. Still the most awesome movie ever. I looked for the soundtrack at Wal*Mart and they are out and have been out for a week. The need for this soundtrack may warrant a trip across the state line. I need it that badly.


My husband is redeeming himself for buying me a car I can't drive and in the last two evenings he has: hung up a bulletin/dry erase board in the entryway, hung up a shelf with five little pegs for the five little children that will get off the bus at my house every day, hung up the Diva bulletin board that Cousin Stacey got me for my birthday, mounted my new mega super surge protector to the wall by my computer desk so I can plug the laptop into an outlet that doesn't leave the cord strung across the office where I invariably trip over it, removed a horrifically ugly hanging lamp that came with the house and I have hated for 6 years and it seems he has forgiven me for making fun of his 80's car.

I love it when I get things done. There's just this air of done-ness about it.


Sam's cast comes off tomorrow. Send good thoughts his way that the x-ray shows his arm healed and that he won't have to get it re-cast. There will be gnashing of teeth, wailing, whining and more than a few tears. Sam will probably be upset, too.


Tomorrow night is Open House at the kids' school. The tears will begin falling from my face around 5 tomorrow night and will not stop until, oh...... let's see, she graduates in 2020......

No one at work could believe it when I said I'd be at work that day. I have to - otherwise I will sit here at home and cry and worry and worry and cry and worry.


Work is going fabulously. I love it. Love it.

Today was busy and hectic and more than one time during the morning two or more people asked me to do something at the same time. It's nice to be needed and all, but it was crazy. The other aide position is now open and I hope they hire someone soon. There is too much for one person to do in four hours a day. Still, I love the work and can't wait to really get into things now that I'll be there every day.


Got confirmation of my Financial Aid. Kollij is a go once more. Yay.

I thought I was ready, but now I'm getting nervous. Not near as nervous as I was last semester, but still nervous.

Today one of the caseworkers - who is the mother of a guy I graduated high school with - asked me how I liked doing all of my classes online. I told her I loved it and she asked if I felt like I was missing out on something. I shook my head no. She said, "Oh, I just loved the camaraderie and the questions and the interacting with people in the classroom." I said, "Okay, I've kind of changed since you knew me back when I was in high school. I don't like people now. The fewer I have to interact with, the better." It was hilarious because she just wasn't sure if I was serious or not.


Come on now, sing it with me, everyone! Oh yes we need a little Christmas, right this very minute....

I hate summer.


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

See, we are related, cause I hate summer, too. I have no freaking clue why so many people say they love it. It's freaking HOT.

Fall is wonderful. Football weather is my favorite.

Spring's good, too. In fact, I LOVE April showers, or showers any other month, too.

Winter's even okay, as long as the wind doesn't blow and freeze my butt off. On second thought....

Shannon said...

I have been telling people for the last week---I am sooo ready for SNOW!
It is so HOT! and with our air in the car barely working it is miserable.

Are there any openings at the office?

Going Like Sixty said...

"I don't like people now. The fewer I have to interact with, the better."

Nice! Love it.

Re: summer? I can always find a part of the day to be outside and be comfortable. Even when it's 451 degrees. I was just thinking last night that I'm going to have to remember this stretch of weather, when we are like Popsicles next winter.

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