Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just so you know

Hot here.

Even more humid.

New writing challenge open at WitToI.

Leaving tomorrow for Branson.

Not entirely packed yet.

Washing machine just kicked off. Finally.

Must sleep sometime tonight since am the only driver this weekend.

Kids wound tighter than eight-day clocks.

The Benadryl worked - kids finally are sleeping like little drugged logs.

Allergies bothering them. Would never sedate them just to buy some peace.

Also been known to lie a lot.

Was wound earlier as well, but finding that now am only about half a twist.

BBQ and Bluegrass festival begins at Silver Dollar City tomorrow.

Not a fan of either really.

Totally not an issue, though - they have water rides.

1 comment:

Cazzie!!! said...

Safe travel and have fun.

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