Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's that time again

The new stories are up at Write in the Thick of It, so go vote, mm'kay?

Voting is open until 10pm this Saturday night.

And hey, it helps to actually like, read the stories. Not that you, Constant Reader, would do that. That's probably only my little sister who just goes to the site and votes for me, never reading a thing anyone writes. Last night I told Mom and her about Hillbilly Mom's awesome story this round she said, "If I had read that, I'd have voted for her and not you! Because well..... I don't read your stories."

I'm so glad I have a wonderful support system. With love and support like that, I'll be on the best-seller list before ya know it.


Hillbilly Mom said...

I believe my Mabel votes for me without reading any of them. That's about it. My family doesn't even go there. Not that they're illiterate or anything. Pitiots, maybe.

Now, for THE HORROR! Nobody should have voted for me this round! I am outing myself. I HAVE CHEATED!!! I just noticed it last night. I did not follow the rule of using the exact word. I pluralized 'scofflaw'. I don't know why. I could easily have changed it to 'a local scofflaw'. But no. I must have a fear of success.

Anyhoo...I dont' think it will matter because Cazzie is kicking my butt this round. I'm just sayin'...I cheated. I must be stopped. I need some tough love. Lock me up with Paris Hilton. On second thought...perhaps rehab with Lindsay Lohan will suffice.

Disqualify me before I cheat again!

Mrs. E said...

Oops!!! I missed this last one. For at least one to two weeks after school is out my mind just doesn't function well. I sleep a lot. I might be in the running for the next one just don't change things up too much. My brain still is only running on about 25%.

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