Saturday, May 26, 2007

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I have discovered snack nirvana: Flat Earth baked fruit crisps. Good golly, not only is the taste wonderful, but I think a lot of why I lurve them so much is the texture. They're crunchity, but not too crunchity. The first bag I bought was the Apple Cinnamon Grove, but tonight I'm munching on Wild Berry Patch. Abby isn't crazy about the berry ones - says they're too tart. Okay, tart is my word, not hers. I think her words were something to the effect of "It wasn't bad when I first tried it, but then it started tasting like butt." Don't take her description, though. Take mine - they're yummy.


A few movie reviews for you:

The Last Kiss - While I think Zach Braff is incredibly yummy and yes, I have his blog bookmarked, and I thought his acting in Kiss was just wow, I didn't like the movie. The girlfriend was wayyyyyyy too freaked out and her behavior just seemed very over the top to me. I don't know of many women who would react quite so violently. A few, but not many. The ending sucked ass and I was very pissed off the rest of the afternoon after I watched it. But yummy is just the best way I know to describe Zach Braff. Just yummy. Worth watching again just to see him get naked and stuff. His lips...his sense of humor.....his tousled yeah.....I'd hit that.

Man of the Year - I like Robin Williams. A lot. I even liked him in that creepy movie where he stalked that family after developing their pictures at the photomat. He's a talented man. I like talented, funny men. I even liked his jokes in this movie. His delivery of the jokes is stellar, but the movie depressed me and left me relatively deflated. It wasn't what I expected and I was disappointed. Too dark and not happy for my taste.

Happily Never After - I love a good animated cartoon. Especially when Patrick Warburton and Andy Dick are involved. The kids laughed at the blatant cartoony stuff and I laughed at the things that were a little over their heads. Not sure why this movie didn't get more publicity.

Arthur and the Invisibles - I didn't finish the entire movie, but what I saw, I really liked. I liked the animation and the way the Invisibles were drawn/created. Sam watched the movie twice and is now on a total kick where he thinks he's been shrunk and stuff. I'm sure we'll end up buying it.


Last night Tater's littlest tot ended up in the ER with an asthma-ish attack. He was - much to Tater's chagrin - diagnosed as being asthmatic as a baby, but he literally hasn't had an attack in 5 years. But last night he was doing that horrific wheeze that any parent of an asthmatic knows all too well. The ER doc put him on an oral steroid and an inhaled steroid, plus albuterol. The combination hypes him up, which is pretty typical. Tater warned me when she left the house that he'd get a little hyped and not to hold it against him.

Right before bed, the 5 kids, running on nothing but fumes and the chocolate pudding they had after dinner, were wound up beyond belief. I had told them to tone it down before Daddy/Uncle PaPaul got mad and started hollering. They were too busy being rambunctious to heed my warnings. I finally stomped into the living room and stood there with my hands on my hips until my icy stare penetrated their very souls and they all froze. I explained once more that they really had to settle down NOW. Then, silly me, I added, "TotTwo is the only one who actually has an excuse to be rowdy tonight." Oh the looks I got from the other kids! Mouths open, they were stricken speechless at the mere thought that someone had an excuse and it wasn't them personally. Kady asked why and I ignored TotTwo's smug grin as I explained, "He's on a medicine because he had an asthma attack last night. The steroid makes him a little hyper." I realized I should've just kept my mouth shut when Abby raised her hand and said, "Can I have a steroid?"


The shindig for Cap'n Neurotic is tomorrow night. While we're not going to set any attendance records, the really important ones will be here and that's totally cool by me. Paul asked me what kind of thing this actually was. I said it was to mainly celebrate Cap'n's birthday, but at the same time allow a few of us to see each other since we haven't in about 16 years. He asked if anyone was rowdy, a thief, a drunk, sociopathic, etc. and did we need to lock up the guns and hide the priceless furs. I laughed and said, "Darling. You keep forgetting that I was a nerd in high school. These are my old Competitive Speech friends." He picked up the remote and dismissed me with, "So....if I fall asleep while you old geeks chat about computers and shit, will you wake me up if I start snoring?"


Cazzie!!! said...

LOL at Abby's comment on wanting some of the steroids..I tell ya, kids are NUTS on that shit in hospital :)
Happy Birthday to will ensue??

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Well, computers did get mentioned, but it was mainly in a "yeah, if I touch them, they die" sort of way, so I don't think that counts . . .

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