Tuesday, May 29, 2007

As I mentioned, Cap'n Neurotic came up from Texas this past weekend to get a new car (which Cedric thinks needs some spinnahs) and because he was up here and missing out on a party down there, I offered to throw a shindig for him. Turns out, I'm no better at throwing parties now than I was in high school. A whole 3 other invited classmates showed up. But hey, quality not quantity, right? Jonathan, Cedric, The Photographer, Tater, Cap'n and various spouses were in here for the festivities. And a lot of children. Or maybe it seemed like a lot and there weren't all that many.....

The evening consisted of eating, drinking, laughing, playing basketball, eating, laughing, making fun of yours truly, laughing, and laughing. I believe it was Jonathan that brought up the old Jello joke and I still to this day do not know how they found out (No, I'm not elaborating. It's an old inside joke and that's that). There were memories of our Competitive Speech and Band days and it was informally decided that Cap'n and I were the King and Queen of Nerd-dom seeing as how we were the only two of our little group that were in both Band and Competitive Speech. All hail us.

The children ran amuck. As usual.

My husband got drunk. That doesn't happen a lot. It was kind of fun, though. He's more fun when he's drunk.

The Photographer and I were here in the house for some reason and she was sitting on a barstool next to my kitchen bar while I made a fresh pitcher of sweet tea. She was quietly watching me then said, "Wow....you're all domesticated and stuff." I said, "Sweetie, I've been doing this housewife schtick for nearly half my life now. It's what I do." And then I got depressed and started looking for happy pills and booze. But I digress....

I personally suck at using the camera for commemorating events. My mother and sister cringe at my irresponsibility in that department. But I did let the kids take the camera for awhile. Here is what we got of the evening:

That would be Mr. Photographer and Cap'n and Sam in a sweaty, humid game of pickup basketball.

Cap'n said he never thought he'd leave Texas and still have to complain about the humidity.

Cap'n and Mr. Photographer again with about sixty gazillion children on the court. At least, it seemed like sixty gazillion at the time. I think the humidity made them multiply. You know how if you get a Mogwai wet it turns into a Gremlin? Yeah, Oklahoma humidity and children, same concept.

Tater's younget tot in blue and Sam in green. If the picture hadn't been taken from a half mile away, you'd see their flushed little faces. But gosh, did they have a good time.

I'm going to call Mr. Photgrapher to babysit sometime. I'd call Cap'n, but he's far away and I think he's afraid of children, lol. Or maybe it's just MY children.

And it's simply not possible to turn kids loose with a camera and not discover shots like these.

You gotta have a picture of the dog. Or a dozen pictures of the dog....

And elbows. They're very photogenic.

Hey, look! My roses are blooming!

My dearest Cap'n,

I know it wasn't your usual crew of friends, but I sincerely hope you had fun. I enjoyed most of the evening (you know which parts I didn't, lol) and just hearing you say a cuss word was worth cleaning my house.

Yours truly,
The Queen of Nerd-dom


Carrie said...

I don't know any of of your nerd friends, but your shindig sounds like it was fun!

Mrs. E said...

Cap'n N had a great time. You made his birthday week end much more enjoyable. Thanks.

It is always good to see old friends and to remember where you came from, see where you are, and realize there are more good times to come. I hear you were a great hostess.

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