Thursday, March 01, 2007

You got here how?

Hillbilly Mom and I are both experiencing a bit of a blog slump as of late. Hey, I'm not picking on her blog - she admitted it herself! So rather than make up another 20-question test about myself, I'll share with you some of the recent keywords that have brought people here. I totally admit that I stole this idea from Hillbilly Mom. (She likes it when I steal from her. Just ask her.)

stale financials 130 days shelf takedown - A financial blog, this is not. Nor is it a blog about shelves. Yes, I have shelves, but blog about them, I do not. (I will admit the writing's a bit stale lately, okay?) However, on a shelf for 130 days, my blog is not either. It would seem, that prone to talking like Yoda, I am. Obviously.

redneck diva - Whew! I'm just glad people are still looking for me! It's been pretty quiet around here since I've become so whiny. Glad to know that even as recently as today, someone searched for ol' Redneck Diva.

redneck sayings - We really don't talk too much differ'nt than y'all. We lean things up ag'in stuff, just like y'all. We also go down inta the holler when we gotta git a possum outta the sink hole, just like y'all. We say stuff like "Neater'n a skeeter's peter!" just like y'all, too. Oh. Y'all don't say stuff like that? That's a shame. It's fun.

ramblings of redneck diva - If you'll notice, I have changed the official title of the site to just plain Redneck Diva. I'm working on a new header picture, too. One that will just declare that I am a redneck and a diva, but not that I ramble. I will leave y'all to find that out on your own.

rugrats all grown up porn - Okay, I'll be that I've gotten hits from this search 20 times over the last few years. WHY?

roller coaster hair mess thrown up - Iew.

[encrypted by AOL] - Let me just say that having a search that's been encrypted by AOL makes me feel a little creeped out. Not sure why. There's just something creepy about it.

all of a sudden i have cavities - No, sweetie, you don't get cavities "all of a sudden". It takes not going to the dentist for 8 years to accumulate the kind of cavities I've got in my mouth now. Cavities take years and years of neglect and a paralyzing fear of dental offices. Or maybe you should just brush more.

cheddars restaurant weight watchers points - Meh. I'm fat. I've been fat for a while now and I figure I'm always going to be fat. Now, waitress, bring me a plate of loaded cheese fries, please.

disney chicken little wike - Please, if this is some new-fangled offensive word LET ME KNOW. I'd just die of embarrassment if "wike" turned out to be something filthy. That aside, have y'all seen Disney's Chicken Little? It's pretty cute. Ranks up there in the top 15 for me.

ottawa couty - Yep, here i Ottawa Couty we have outlawed ad abolished the use of all letter n's. Oops, I mean that letter that comes after "m" in the alphabet.

rednecks in disney land - Ooh! They allow rednecks in that park, too? Awesome! I'll have the kids start collectin' their pennies in bottles again so we can visit that one next!

rednecks in disney world - I have first-hand knowledge that we were not the only rednecks in Disney World. Trust me. They come far more redneckier than us. And that is a scary, scary thing.

we are going to the country, we are going to the fair to see the senorita with flowers - One time I post about playing this game at a Girl Scout meeting and over a year later I'm still getting hits from it. I don't get it.

sonic drive in tater tot shot block - That must be one of the new menu items for March. If they put enough chili and cheese on it, I'll probably try it.

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Anonymous said...

What the hell did you do to your page!! It hurts my face. So much PINK! I'm not used to seein' that much pink on the 'puter without legs on either side of it.

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