Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ever have one of those days?

It wasn't a bad day, just not a very good day.

* Tater and I pulled the kids out of gymnastics. Too much tension, too much neglect. Well, I say we pulled 'em out - they're going to class through April because we've already paid and they won't give us a refund. However, if the coach neglects them even more after this announcement we'll pull 'em out immediately no matter how much money we lose. It's ridiculous how people act sometimes.

* Paul dropped a bombshell on me yesterday that will require an entire post of its own to tell. I'm okay with it, but it just makes me think and you know how I hate to do that.

* Abby broke her toe today at gymnastics. (No, that is not the reason we pulled them out.) It was her - God bless her - clumsy little self that caused the toe to break. Her legs are about 4 miles long and she has about as much control over them as a newborn fawn. She reminds me of Bambi on ice. Anyway, she caught it on a chair and Tater and I made fun of her for being such a baby, told her to suck it up, that she was fine. She hobbled through Wal*Mart while we got groceries, but didn't complain. Probably because she was afraid her horrible mother would make fun of her again. *sigh* After we watched a movie this afternoon she complained again and took her sock off. Oh good heavens, her toe and the side of her foot is black! I waffled back and forth as to whether to take her in for an x-ray. After a call to the nurse advice line for their insurance, a page to the PA on call and a call to my dad the RN and Paul telling me I was being ridiculous, I decided to keep her home and not have the x-ray. I just hope that I don't regret that decision and she doesn't end up with a deformed toe for the rest of her life.

It's so hard to be alive sometimes. I guess being dead wouldn't be much fun, though, so I'll continue with the living.

But pardon me while I go cry awhile.


Hillbilly Mom said...

I apologize ahead of time. This is going to be a lengthy comment.

About the's not like they're going to put a cast on it. I imagine they would just say, "Yep. It's broke. That will be $1000 for the orthopedic consultation." Or something like that.

When my kid put his teeth through his bottom lip in an embarrassing countertop/cutting block gymnastic-swinging thingy faux pas, I called the nurse line instead of rushing him to the ER. AFTER stopping the gallons of blood that were pumping out of it into his cupped hands, thank the Gummi Mary, and not on my carpet.

The nurse said he needed no medical attention, just keep it clean. She said that unless the cut was in the border of the lip, it would heal just fine. I was skeptical, what with the saliva oozing out, and him being able to stick his tongue through the hole and all. But after a couple days of leaking whenever he drank something, the thing started to heal. Now, you can not even see the very thin scar unless you know where to look.

I am expecting some photos, you know. Part Deux of Abby's Amazing Technicolor Childfoot.

Hope Abby is not in too much pain. Give her some Benadryl. DeadpanAnn's mother swears by it, you know, and gave it to her for a broken arm.

gettin served said...

hopes diva is feeling better now, we all have those days (weeks, months, years etc...)
Watch animal planet, then no one will ask you why your crying. Works for me....

Redneck Diva said...

Hillbilly Mom,I tried to take pictures of her Amazing Technicolor Childfoot Part Deux, but the camera just didn't do them justice. Maybe tomorrow I can take her outside and take pictures of it in the sunlight or something. I've been calling her my little Blackfoot Indian today.

Just picturing your child drinking and leaking water made me giggle real loud. That right there is funny, I don't care who ya are.

Cleaning Lady, I feel a smidge better today. I don't get down too often, but when I do it's just not all that pretty. I actually feel like a good cry right now, but tomorrow's my first day of work and I don't want to go in with puffy eyes. I am so vain...

Animal Planet doesn't do that for me. I usually sit watching it with that look on my face like I've been sucking lemons. I'm not a real animal person. But usually it's when I feel like this that I pop in Steel Magnolias, Bridges of Madison County or Penny Serenade and bawl like there's no tomorrow.

Thank you for commenting. Nice to know people care.

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