Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Last Teenage Mutant Mimzy

Spring Break is almost over and I managed to regain a firm place in the running for Mother of the Year when I took my kids to two - count 'em TWO - movies in the theatre in less than 24 hours. Yes, I am awesome.

We met up with the Taters last night at the theatre and settled in to watch TMNT. The boys just HAD to experience it together, they said. I'm sorry I experienced it at all. I was way not impressed.

I was a Junior in high school when the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out in 1990. My best friend DeLisa and I hotfooted it to the ol' Thunderbird Twin in Miami where you could not only see a good movie you could get tetanus and possibly lead poisoning along with a healthy dose of mold that was growing in the ventilation system. Ah memories. Anyway, for two teenage girls we totally went berzerkers for the original TMNT. I still have my original copy on VHS and my son watches it quite often. We were pretty excited as a family to go see the new version.

I was so disappointed. During the opening scene, there was so much violence that I honestly thought "If this is how the entire movie is going to be, I will walk out." Well, while it was still pretty violent, the rest of the movie wasn't as bad as that opening scene. It wasnt' just me, either. Bub and I talked today and he said the same thing. The story line was a little too involved for kids, what with conflict among the brothers that ran deeper than "Dude, you totally ate the last piece of pizza!" It was not a kid movie, in my opinion.

Of course, by 9am this morning I had heard my son quote the most (un)memorable lines from the movie about 1400 times.

Today after gymnastics I took my three kids to see The Last Mimzy. *sigh* I love a good magical, kid-friendly, science-fiction fairy tale. Kady got really bored half-way through, but Abby and Sam were mesmerized from start to finish. So was I. Okay, so the acting, in parts, wasn't the best I've ever seen, but the story itself and the effects were magnificent. I cried at the end and shhhh, don't tell, but my girls are getting Mimzy dolls for Easter. I may even get one for myself. If your kids are below 7 or so, I don't recommend it, unless they are precocious little geeks in training (and I mean absolutely no offense when I say that). It's just a little too hard to grasp for anyone too young. Kady spent more time flipping her seat up and down, picking her nose and saying, "Momma, are you cowd? 'Cuz if you awe, I cood wawm you up!" and then would climb onto my lap and off my lap and onto my lap repeatedly. She did warm me up, although, my heart was already warmed by that incredibly cute little girl with the adorable stuffed bunny on the screen.

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