Monday, March 05, 2007

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Okay, so the only person to say anything about my new layout is my friend Cedric who I miss so much and dude, email me, did you just read that I miss you? Cedric says it's too pink. Methinks I agree.

But here's the thing...I have only enough computer/blog/HTML/internet knowledge to be reallllly dangerous. I really know nothing. I can type, but everything else is a crapshoot. So over the weekend I decided that I was tired of my redneck pin-up girl and decided to go with a generic Blogger layout. I saved my diva template in WordPad and hoo doggies, do I NOT recommend that. It didn't translate well. When I decided that the pink was making me nauseous yesterday and was going to plug back in that old layout.....well, it didn't work. Blogger kept telling me that it wasn't tidy or neat or something and kept telling me to correct my XML and in my mind XML means "extra medium large" so I'm clueless.

I recently have gotten back in touch with an old friend from my Comp. Speech days at WHS and sent him a desperate message on MySpace begging him to fix it for me because that dude is scary smart. Turns out, that's the ONE THING he knows nothing about. He offered to do electric work for me, but said the code issue was all my own.

So.....looks like pink is all the rage this spring.


Sam has three basketball games this week. The entire season he's played one game a week, but last week played two and this week it's three. I'm sort of glad the season's almost over, but in a way I'm not. He has three more games to play before it's all over and he played better tonight that he has all season. He really got in there and fought for the ball - fought so hard once he fouled a guy. You should've seen Mom, Paul, another mom and me all up on the stage going "It's okay! It's okay! DON'T CRY!" Poor thing. He tried so hard. He shot twice and came SO CLOSE to making it that there was a collective groan from the crowd when the ball just barely missed the basket. He's going to make one before it's all over. His coach is determined and so is he.

This morning I was looking through is school papers from last week and found a page of sentences he had written in class using spelling words. The last sentence - albeit completely devoid of spelling words - was "Will I ever make a baskit?" I wanted to cry. He's so hard on himself and strives so hard to be perfect. I can't make him see, no matter how hard I try, that it's okay to not be 100% perfect all the time. But it's hard for him to grasp that concept when I'm griping and whining about my school work and grades. I am such an awesome mom. Must learn to keep mouth shut around the children.

I think he played so well tonight because we told him to pretend that every player on the other team was his sisters.


I am doing my author biography in Comp II over Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was a toss-up between him and Poe. I went with Hawthorne because I knew less about him and frankly, he intrigues me. We read "The Minister's Black Veil" and "Young Goodman Brown" last week. He was such a haunted man.

I turned in a literary analysis over Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" today. I enjoyed writing it once I got started. It took emailing Mrs. E and getting a sense of direction from her before I could start. Once I got going, though, I enjoyed writing it. The symbolism he used was interesting, even though I'm not a big fan of his writing in general.

I had a meeting with my advisor last week to kind of get a sense of where I was going and how I was going to get there. She went over the course requirements for a Mass Comm degree with me and now I feel a little more directed. Not a lot, but some. She told me she loved getting my articles for the paper because she doesn't have to edit them. I loved hearing that, considering the editing I do to them myself. At least it's not in vain. Maybe I should just be a copy editor...


This morning, because I had a plethora of homework, Paul took Kady to town when he went to work and dropped her off at Mom's. Mom was going to take her to Lab School to save me from having to come into town then hang around for 2 hours. Around 8:15 the phone rang and it was Mom. I figured she was calling to ask me if Kady had eaten breakfast, but instead when I said hello she said, "Now Kristin, normally I try to stay out of your business and you know I think you're a good mother, but well, I'm a little concerned that right in the middle of Clifford the Big Red Dog my 5 year old granddaughter just stood up and quoted me an entire commercial about a home equity loan. And she even knew the phone number!" I just laughed and said," Well, did she tell you that it's a combo loan and you can consolidate your first mortgage, second mortgage, car loan and all your high-rate credit card bills, too?"


Cap'n Neurotic said...

I took a web design class for my Masters, so I might be able to help out . . . possibly.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Hi - I have the same pink template, but was able to at least change the white to another color and change the type colors. That makes the pink less overwhelming somehow. And I probably have less knowledge about this crap than you do. I'm assuming you've switched to new Blogger, right? If you want, drop me a line and I'll try to remember how I did it.

Kellyology said...

That's the problem with the don't see the changes unless you come over to comment or whatever. I have to agree...Wow! That's a lot of pink...

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