Monday, March 05, 2007

Calling all writers!

A long time ago - about a billion and a half years ago - a group of folks here on the internet got together and had little writing challenges amongst themselves. It was mui grande funito and I want to do it again. Now, back when we were doing it before, one of the guys had a whole forum thingy set up and he probably paid money for it and like, I am SO not doing that, but I think we can do it from a blog if anyone's interested.

Basically the jist of the challenges go like this:

*There is a list of words given at the beginning of each challenge - anywhere from 5 to 8 words. The words are random and don't have to be remotely related to each other. They don't have to be common, but they do have to be actual words.

*Your story has to include all of the words on the list. Work it into the title, the plot, the characters, etc, just so you include them all.

*There is no set genre for the stories. Mystery, horror, romance, general nothingness, whatever. While we were writing on the other forum we got a little raunchy and at times and I think I'll draw a line there for this one since it's public and there might be young'uns who want to write. Don't want to offend anyone, now do we? No, we do not. I don't want to do jail time.

*There is a set time limit for each challenge. Most should be around a week or two from the announcing of the words to the submission of all entries.

*On the deadline date, all submissions that have been sent to me via email are posted individually on a blog set up for this writing challenge only. The stories will be public and you will be given credit for your writing. Comments will be left open so that readers can well....comment. If things get nasty I will shut them down.

*The winner of each challenge is voted upon by you, the reader. If you submit a story you can vote as well, but not for yourself.

*The winner of the challenge picks the word list for the next challenge.

If this sounds like fun and something you'd like to try, leave a comment. If there's enough interest I'll set up a blog in the next few days and we'll see where this goes. It's just for fun and will give those of us who fancy ourselves creative, a chance to stretch our literary legs a little and see what we're capable of accomplishing. Plus, it will give everyone one more thing to do while they're dodging housework, school work, or

Alright know the rules - wanna have some fun?


WHIP's said...

oooh count me in. I'm a telecom major and could definitely use the writing practice..i fell all rusty.
i've been meaning to contact you for a while and not just continue to lurk. I'm also in Ok...OKC, actually Moore which is just outside of OKC. Anyway, where are you? are you close to me???

Cazzie!!! said...

Mind if I have a go at it? This sounds like fun. I am an avid reader and have not written a story in a long time.

Derek Knight said...

you know, Collin (the guy you speak of) didn't pay money for that forum, I'm pretty sure. Hell, I'd bet he'd GIVE you administrator access to it if you asked even slightly nice. He's out sick today, or I'd just ask him right now. But yeah, the forum is just gathering dust...You want to resurrect? I bet you he'll let you.

Cap'n Neurotic said...

Did you ever get a chance to see my Infinite Monkeys Press page before UNT took it down? Basically, most of the stuff on that came about as a result of a similar challenge on a Book Monkeys forum; sadly, most of the stories I was really proud of got eaten by the forum when it went haywire, and are lost forever.

So, in other words, yes, I'm game. And now I shall go and create a blog just to host my IMP stuff so that everyone can see my insanity firsthand . . .

Anonymous said...

I'm up for it!


Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm game. It sounds a bit Big Blogger 2-and-a-halfish. Of course, I will declare myself the winner each round when I mention it on my blog.

But the most important question, which I didn't notice in the rules: are the writers allowed to use prepositions to end their sentences with?

Petey said...

Oh Yes, count me in. But; if we use our blogs' for the posts; which blog should I write from? The dog's or the cat's. 'Cause I have to yet have my own blog. All I do, I do for my "babies". And besides, I've been a slacker lately, spending all my time with them instead of telling the blogosphere about them.
I might be able to help with your html problem. E-mail me a screen capture of the error and what you saved to wordpad and I can probably tell you what you need to change in your code to fix it.

Carrie said...

I'm so up for this! Just make sure you understand that if "poop" or "fart" are required words, I just might have an advantage over others. :) I can't wait!!!

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