Wednesday, January 18, 2006


i feel like someone has poured battery acid through my lower intestine, lit my stomach on fire, screwed my head in a vice and turned the thermostat down to -40'.

yep. diva's sick.

you might want to keep your blog away from my blog until we can be sure we're not contagious anymore.

*note: it took me like, 20 minutes to type this from my coccoon of blankets. hard to type through fleece i discovered.


Hillbilly Mom said...

Have you been eating my school's chili?
I hope you get to feeling better by your birthday, OR SOONER. Sounds grim, though.

There is something going around. I had a sore throat for 3 days, and felt dizzy and vomity. Then it moved up to my nose, and now down in my lungs. My doctor called me in some histinex cough medicine and that zithromax 5-day pill pack thingy antibiotic. He rocks. WHEN he calls it in. The days I go for an appointment and wait 2 hours in the waiting room, not so much.

Collin said...

I hope you can kick the bug soon and get to feeling better!

Shannon said...

Hope you start feeling better!!! Hurry! It's almost your birthday!

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