Friday, January 06, 2006

Phreakin' Photoblog Phriday

Look at me, posting not only a half-nekkid post yesterday but also a PhPhPh post today as well! I'm on a roll. Of course, the laundry's piled up and the vacuum needs to be run and there's filing to be done and I should probably floss or something...

So today I bring you a random sampling from the vast number of photos taking up incredible amounts of space on my computer.

First off, your favorite diva and the jolly ol' dude himself -

I look way happier than any 32 year old woman should look when being photographed with Santa Claus. You gotta admit, he's adorable, but seriously I look like freaky insane happy. Yikes.

Next up, this is CBB and oh my gosh, he was PISSED OFF that he had just been set on Santa's lap -

If looks could kill, Santa, you'd be one dead elf.

I love this pictures of CLB! He tolerated being held by Santa, but you could tell that he wasn't all that overjoyed by the whole situation.

"I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry..."

This one is of my man on Christmas morning. If the purple Larry the Cable Guy pants weren't enough, he had to add work gloves and an orange sock hat to the ensemble. Gosh, he's so precious.

"And finally, the annual "Everyone pile on Grammy's couch and get a cheesy family picture taken!" pictures-

First, the Taters

Then, the Divas

Ahhhh, holiday memories.


Queen Of Cheese said...

No self-respecting OSU fan would go near a large person dressed in red & white. Next year please request an appropiately attired Santa and your screamer should go to him without a hitch!

Carmel said...

Great photos. You guys are a good lookin' family. And, I mean that. Very sweet. Thanks for sharing!

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