Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Productivity - there is none here today.

I picked up my kids from Tater's house around 8:30 and CLB never did fall asleep in the van. But he at least quit screaming for his MOMMAMOMMAMOMMAMOMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Ever since we walked in the door Abby has taken care of him. I guess I'm going to have to pay her for the day. He really wants nothing to do with me today since she's here. I tried to hold him awhile ago and he was leaning and grabbing and whining for her. So. I let her. Bad babysitter I am.

I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies on New Year's Eve and they're already gone. I sent a whole bunch down to Tater's with the kids and man, Mr. Diva got upset that he only got 5 out of the whole mess. He's just going to have to be quicker. When you have three children and one Redneck Diva in the house with yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies you can't just expect them to be there when you might just happen just get a craving for sweets. Oh no, you must seize the opportunity and eat cookies like a ravenous wolverine in order to make sure you indeed get some. Or at least put some in a ziplock bag and hide them in your underwear drawer.

So today, even though this morning Mr. Diva turned on the hall light and turned the TV up really loud in order to thoroughly PISS ME OFF even though I could've slept another 30 minutes, I am going to make him some more cookies. Then I am going to have my mouth wired shut.


Anonymous said...

Being a diabetic. if your man is able to eat homemade chocolate chip cookies - let's eat 'em, girl!

I'd kill for chocolate right now.

No, seriously - I'm loading the gun.

Derek Knight said...

cookies in close proximity to UNDERWEAR!?

for shame!

Redneck Diva said...

Stacie-Every once in awhile Mr. Diva just starts pillaging the fridge, digging out food that was meant to be eaten a LONG time ago. He's so strange that way. New Year's Eve Tater brought down a crock pot of cheese dip. I didn't have room in the fridge to put it up so it set out all night. New Year's Night there Mr Diva sat, eatin' chips, crunchin' away and then asked, "So how long will that cheese dip stay good in that crockpot like that?" OY!!

Boggzie-Dude, step away from the cookies and no one will get hurt.


Derek-If they're in the drawer they're clean at least!!

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