Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New year, lots more naps

If there was a lack of sleep goin' on in my life awhile back, well that problem has now been fixed. I have slept more over the course of the last week than should probably be allowable by law.

New Year's Eve I slept till 8 and woke up with a stuffy nose, sore throat and headache. I laid around and whined until DivaMom called and offered to take the Divettes to see The Chronicles of Narnia. She told me to nap, but since we had friends coming over that evening I instead spent the afternoon making cookies and enchiladas. Oh and Mr. Diva and I put up the wall mount thingy for the daycare room TV. We nearly divorced over it, but stayed strong considering it was the day before our anniversary. The Taters and a guy Mr. Diva works with and his girlfriend (the guy's girlfriend- not Mr. Diva's girlfriend) came over that evening and we ate and then watched The 40-Year Old Virgin and laughed until we cried. We crashed around 2:30. You know you're old when no one even attempts to count down the new year, no one gets up to open champagne, but instead everyone just stays on the couch or chair of their choice and mumbles, "Eh, Happy New Year everyone. Could someone turn up the sound? I can't hear the TV."

On New Year's Day I woke up around 7, fell back to sleep on the couch, slept till 11 even while the children ran amuck under my semi-conscious nose, ate some lunch, then dozed some more. Then Tater took my kids with her around 2 and I promptly fell back to sleep until nearly 5. I know!! I can't believe it either.

After all that napping I got up and showered, then Mr. Diva and I went out for our big anniversary celebration. Earlier in the day I had asked him what he wanted to do for our anniversary. He replied, "I dunno. What do you wanna do?" This drives me insane! Do not counter my query with a query, mister. Grrr. Anyway, after a check of the two wallets it was decided that McDonald's and dirt-road parking were about all we could afford. So we went to the casino.

Buffalo Run has a really nice restaurant and I suggested we use some of our gambling alottment to eat there. So instead, I had chicken strips and he had a cheeseburger in the snack bar in the back of the casino and allllllll the free soda I could drink. Yep. The romance is still there after 13 years.

At one point both of us were down to our last $20. I sat down to play RedBall and he went to a dollar slot machine. I could see him from where I was sitting, I couldn't read the numbers on the screen, but I could see how much that silly thing was ringing and turning red and just generally going crazy. He cashed out with $245. Now, if it had been me winning that $245 I would've promptly put said money in my purse because I owe the orthodontist $200 this month. But instead said money was pissed away with wild abandon and we walked out of the casino dead-ass broke.

Good times for the Divas who do not have a compulsive gambling problem. At least I don't.

We actually left the casino around 10 or so and came home to celebrate with what Mr. Diva thought was going to be Really Loud The Kids Are Out Of The House Sex. Except I am having a hormonal flux and pretty much feel like an asexual being right now so it was only moderately huffy and puffy with a lot of sighing and saying, "Are you done with that yet?" Hey, I can't help where the hormones take me.

I slept until Mr. Diva started farting and giggling the next morning, thinking he was all cute and stuff. So I grabbed my pillow and stomped up to the couch where - you guessed it - I fell back to sleep and woke up around 10:30. Oy vey, all the sleeping! He got up around 11:30 and we watched A Haunting on like Discovery or TLC or one of those channels and Celebrity Swag on VH1. Then he rode 4-wheelers with a friend and his friend's kids down in the creek bottom. I went to the mighty bison place to redeem my free $5 coupon, having no intention of spending it until Ladies' Night later on where I'd then have not ten, but a whole FIFTEEN DOLLARS in free play. It is scary the things that excite me sometimes. I found Mom and followed her around like a puppy for 2 hours, watching her play. I drank a lot of free soda and am swollen up like a poisoned pup today. But I had fun and we visited and laughed and cursed her stupid machine that was refusing to turn red like we felt it should've.

I came home from that mid-day casino spree and started cleaning the day care room that had been trashed over the course of two weeks. We had new Christmas toys that hadn't found a place yet, sleeping bags were still strewn about from New Year's Eve and there was still sawdust in the floor under the new TV mount. I vacuumed, dusted, moved, threw away, cleaned, organized and arranged until time to leave for Ladies' Night.

The Diva kids stayed another night at Tater's last night so it was a quiet morning around here until CLB and Chandler arrived. It's about time to either put CLB down in the playpen for a nap or stick him in the carseat and drive him down to Tater's to pick up the kids and pray he falls asleep. He's been gone for two weeks and has pretty much sat on my lap all morning crying and saying "Momma-momma-momma-mommamommamommamommamommaMOMMAMOMMAMOMMA" so I'm thinking this week is going to be one of transition and getting used to each other again. Jen, that should make you feel so good - today he hates me and wants you!

So now you have been caught up on the fabulous and always exciting lives of the Divas.

Oh! I almost forgot. I SO got hit on last night at the casino. That was freaking AWESOME.


Queen Of Cheese said...

The sleep thing must have been great. I had plans for that too during my vacation but alas, it never happened. Mr.Coach was in his PJ pants everyday when I got home from work but as soon as I'm off work, the whole family decides to get up early!

Redneck Diva said...

What's up with that? On the rare occasion I'm out of town the kids'll sleep till 8 or after for Mr. Diva, but when I'm home they're up at the ass-crack of dawn!!!

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