Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The magic

Yesterday morning when Jen dropped off CLB she handed me a copy (by copy I don't mean one that she burned illegally because well, no one really does that, do they? heehee) of Baby Bach, one of the Baby Einstein videos.


WHY on earth have I not discovered these before? Actually since she started bringing CLB out here she's proclaimed the wonders of Baby Einstein and offered to bring me one to try and I always said, "Oh, thanks, but I really don't need it."

Well, by golly I DO NEED IT!! I really do!

I spent nearly an hour hooking up the DVD/VCR/Satellite/TV conglomeration hanging in the corner of the toy room to where all components worked correctly just so I could play this DVD. I got it all working, plugged in the DVD and instantly two of the three crying babies flatlined, began drooling and swaying and rocking to the music. CBG, well, I'm afraid she might be an alien because it affected her not. The other two - oh WOW. I'm not kidding when I say instantly they stopped crying and were mesmerized.

I will definitely be burning buying more of these videos. And eventually, I'm hoping that CBG grows to like them and I can quit thinkin she's an alien. I think that when the demon teeth that are bugging her come through she'll quit being an alien.


The Tater is doing great. Thanks to everyone who prayed for her and sent her blood-thinning thoughts over the weekend. She and Bub ended up going to Claremore Saturday and Sunday mornings to get more injections and have more blood drawn. The oh so personable government-paid doctors seemed to think that three generations of blood clots and being overweight weren't really risk factors for having one. Yyyyyyeah. So they effectively scared the shit out of us all by declaring that they think she has a blood disorder and the entire family should be tested. We're still awaiting the results of the blood work before we all run in to be tested.

She's been getting injections of Lovenox, a clot stabilizer of sorts, twice a day since Friday and today she actually gets to go to the Miami clinic, rather than go back to Claremore again. Mr. Diva is taking her because, in addition to telling her she couldn't horseback ride, skateboard, kickbox and bungee jump, she can't drive until the clot is gone. Bub had to go back to work yesterday so he couldn't take her, I'm here with a house full of kids and no one wants to sit in a germ-filled, overcrowded, poorly run government medical facility with three infants and a preschooler so I was out of the running as well. Mr. Diva just happened to have the day off she he volunteered. It probably had something to do with the fact that a casino is right next door rather than purely helpful intentions.

She's also on Coumadin, a blood thinner, for six months. She can't shave her legs. She's really not happy about that. Now me, it wouldn't affect at all because hell, I've been married 13 years and if he couldn't handle a little leg hair he'd have been gone a long time ago. I'd consider it a free pass and be a happy camper. But she's having real issues with it. She shaved her armpits yesterday and like to gave my mom a heartattack. "YOU COULD'VE BLED TO DEATH!"
Mom declared. Tater replied, "Yeah, but I'd have at least had smooth armpits in my casket." She had a point. She won enough last night at Ladies' Night to buy herself an electric shaver. Thank goodness. I don't think Mom could've handled another proclamation of smooth armpits.


It's snowing right now. It's a slushy, gooey, glumpy kind of snow, but it's pretty to look at all the same. Of course, it rained all night and the snow is melting on contact with the wet ground, but if you just look at the sky when it's coming down you can almost pretend it's winter. Wednesday's high is supposed to be 60 again. But rumor has it in meterological circles that another snowy system is coming in on Thursday. Gotta love Oklahoma weather.

Well, you don't have to. In fact, most of us don't.


My birthday is a mere 11 days away. I've been in a bad mood since January 1st. While I love getting presents because I'm a selfish bitch, I hate the whole having of the birthday. It sucks.

I had a total grownup moment the other night when the babysitter burst into tears as we walked in the door. I thought something was wrong with one of the kids, but it turns out that she was having boy troubles. I resisted the urge to totally go into a verbatim speech my mother gave me at the age of 17. It was just too motherly. But after she left I had a rant right alongside my husband who was ranting as well. Boys are stupid and that's that. I have a boy and I fully am aware that someday he is going to be a stupid teenager as well and he is probably going to break some girl's heart and hoo doggies is he going to get a lecture from his mother when that one happens. Yes, girls are stupid sometimes, too, but being of the girl persuasion myself I tend to overlook most of the stupidity. Because I can.


The lull of the Einsteinish music coming from my television is causing me to become strangely drowsy. Will write more later when I find the energy and will to turn it off.


Queen Of Cheese said...

You mean something other than a big purple dinosaur with gender issues or alien babies with speech needs can transform a baby into a drooling, quiet being?

MamaKBear said...

You mean to say that all this time with loads of babies you've never used Baby Einstein!?!?! OMG I inherited a crapload of them from my Mom when we first got Meghan, and she LOVES them! It NEVER fails to settle her down when she's being particularly fussy.

Her favorite one is Baby Beethoven, which I like too, 'cuz it has my favorite piece of classical music on it: Moonlight Sonata.

Queen Of Cheese said...

Teenage boys are completely void of any thinking skills. Course, the more I'm around teenage girls I can totally understand it, all they see is a thong and the girls can't get why they take advantage of them.....

Shannon said...

Glad Heather's doing better!!!
I have to get back to cleaning now!!

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