Wednesday, July 11, 2007


In an effort to reduce the salt in my, who am I kidding? I bought a stupid can of Campbell's Healthy Request chicken noodle soup by mistake and since I have a cold/allergies that are sucking my will to live, I thought that soup might help. If nothing else, I thought it might just make me feel better to say I drank chicken noodle soup when I was sick.

I have actually bought the Healthy Request variety before because they're all 98% fat free. The broccoli cheese is really good. Not sure what the hell I was thinking when I got the chicken noodle variety. I think I had all 3 kids in the store with me, is what I think. Nothing good ever comes of shopping with 3 children.

The label said "30% less sodium", but chicken noodle soup is pretty salty, so I didn't think I'd miss 30%. I WAS SO WRONG. I heated it up, poured it in my favorite big mug and took a big ol' slug of the most disappointing liquid to ever hit my taste buds. Ever seen those commercials where the guys are screaming, "Help! I can't taste my beer!"? I wanted to run into the yard screaming, "Help! I can't taste my soup!" Oh my gosh, if I'd wanted something that tasteless, I'd have drunk water.

Salting saltless soup is a lesson in futility. I even poured salt on my tongue then took a swig of soup. Still nothing. And in salting my tongue, I think I damaged my taste buds, so I can't taste anything anyway. Guess I'll go have another cup of soup.


Scottsdale Girl said...

yeah when they say low sodium, they ain't playin. V-8 for instance

Melessa Gregg said...

I once made that mistake too. That stuff is foul!!

Anonymous said...

You know tomato "tea" works pretty well on my allergies. Just heat some tomato juice add lemon, celery salt and as much garlic and cayenne( or Tabasco) as you can stand. Your not supposed to add Vodka but I find that helps a lot too

Anonymous said...

Gack! and also, EWE. Sorry you're feeling like the crapster and the soup added insult to injury.

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