Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eat almond Kisses, drink sweet tea and watch Glenn Beck for tomorrow we sleep in

Ah, Glenn Beck, how I have missed you! My late night jonesing for "entertainment and enlightenment" will be sated tonight. Normally I watch Nancy Grace, too, because she's just so bitchy, but she's on this professional wrestler/steroids kick every single show and frankly, I'm off that. They do it, we know it, let it go, sistah.

When school starts, I know that watching late-night TV will be gone again, so I'm soaking it up now while I'm only working a few days a week. Glenn Beck comes on earlier in the evening, but I'm always fixing dinner then. I know they say having a TV in the bedroom is a bad thing, but frankly, my life is more whole, complete and well-rounded because I can watch Fox News, HNN and CNN from my bed. (The bed that does not have a pole in it, Hillbilly Mom.)


Second day of work - no copies. Lots of cleaning. My desk was dusty and disorganized, but thanks to my hefty helping of hereditary OCD, it is now clean, dust-free, germ-free and wayyyy organized. I took in some pictures of the kids, pictures of Paul at Disney World with Lightning and Mater, my "diva" plaque that Cousin Stacey gave me for my birfday and this morning Mom presented me with a charming picture of my youngest child with her eyes crossed. That one made me laugh several times today.

I'm not working tomorrow. I could have, but frankly, there's little I can do until they can get me in the system and in case I haven't mentioned it (Oh, I have?) we're having a Garage Sale this weekend and I have only managed to price 40,000 or the 927,000 items I'm selling.


I'm getting my hair colored tomorrow so that these pesky grays stop being so pesky and gray. I also am thinking about having my nails done, just for kicks and giggles. And kind of because I never have. I'm 34 and have never had a mani or a pedi.

Sad, isn't it?

Oh, my oldest daughter has (It was a reward for bringing her grades up in 3rd grade), but I have never had my nails painted by a professional. I've had them painted by preschoolers, my son, my sister, more than one giggling teenager when I was a teenager myself and once by my husband (Remind me never to do that again), but never by someone trained to do so.


Today Mom watched the kids while I was at work. I had them lay their clothes out last night so there would be no fuss this morning. Kady had picked out a turquoise tank top and jean shorts. Nothing out or the ordinary there, right?

Ah, but this morning she came down the hall wearing the tank top and jean shorts, alright, but had also added to the ensemble:

a headband covered in bright red cherries
about 7 strands of my old twist beads from elementary school
a gaudy bracelet from God knows where
her new pink polka-dotted fish face high heels
a lot of pink eyeshadow
and pink glitter lip gloss.

No one can say that Kady doesn't have style. And it's all her own.


Paul and I are working one of the gates at the 8-man football game this Saturday. I've worked it every year for the last 3 years (and have the t-shirts to prove it), but this year Paul and I are working it together. He's already whining that it's gonna be hot. I said, "Yeah, but it's also going to pay you gambling money you didn't have, so shuddup, ya wuss."

So if you're a fan of 8-man football, come out to Commerce this Saturday. And buy me a beer. 'Cuz I hear it's gonna be hot.


Hay cutter/baler guy will be here tomorrow to start wreaking havoc on the family's allergies and sinuses. Paul is already sick with some crazy coughing thing (My opinion: the fungus/mold in the air from the flood) and Kady sounds like a beagle puppy, so I expect things to only get more snotty and wheezy around here. Wahoo.


An hour and 15 until Glenn Beck. Must go get some more almond Hershey's Kisses and prepare. How exciting!


Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Okay, I have really GOT to have a picture of those shoes!

And eat a couple of Hersheys for me, 'kay?

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

I'm so with you on Nancy Grace needing to STFU about the wrestlers already. I swear, if I see that same clip of the guy hugging his son one more time, or have to listen to that former wrestler with the painted on eyebrows talk about his list of dead 'roid users, I'm going to set something on fire and then body slam a kitten.

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