Monday, July 02, 2007

Just wow

From the KTUL website:

Miami - Officials in Ottawa County have asked residents to evacuate to higher ground as the Neosho River is expected to crest at record-breaking levels early Wednesday morning. In a press release from Miami City Manager Michael Spurgeon Monday morning, the City of Miami urged residents to prepare to move to higher ground.

"Miami officials would like to advise the public that flooding is imminent and to make plans to evacuate to higher ground and out of harm's way," the release stated.

About six hundred homes in Miami are under a mandatory evacuation order and parts of the town may become landlocked by early Tuesday afternoon. Families have until 5 p.m. to evacuate.

Officials say they anticipate flooding to cross Steve Owens Boulevard and many other roads into the city. They recommend residents gather an emergency kit containing medication, insurance information and valuables with their personal effects before evacuating their homes. They also urge residents to obey barricades and not to drive into flooded areas.

Two Red Cross shelters have been established in Miami. One is located at First Christian Church at 2424 S. Main. The other is at First Baptist Church at First and A streets. Three other shelters are on standby.

Flood stage in Miami is 15 feet. The expected crest is 27-point-5 feet by early Wednesday morning. The record of 26-point-26 feet was set in 1986.


The county courthouse is closed for the rest of the week. Paul came in the house about an hour ago and said the water to the valley on west was about 6 inches from the road. He just took off on the motorcycle to see what's going on to the valley on the east. Mom heard a rumor that Wal*Mart was closing a 6pm tonight, but it's not. If a Wal*Mart supercenter closes and it's not Christmas, you know it's bad.

And while I normally would be content to stay holed up here for a week without leaving, now all of the sudden I have an overwhelming craving for Chinese food and pizza.


Kay Dennison said...

lol Ain't that the truth -- we always want what we can't have!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Holy crap, girl! I finally have time to check in on you, and I find out you may have gone swimming! I hope all is well.

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