Friday, July 27, 2007

Desk School Financial Aid Insomnia Oxygen

My old foe, Insomnia, has decided to come torture me this week. I'd say friend, but really Insomnia is not my friend and I hate it when it visits. When it's really bad, Benadryl doesn't help and this week all the Benadryl has done is make my mouth and eyes dry come morning. Normally Benadryl knocks me for a loop because I am such a cheap drunk, but nope, Insomnia wins this time.

After waking up every 30 minutes all night long, at 3:42 I was AWAKE and even though I was soooo tired, there was no way I could go back to sleep. I finally turned on the TV and thought that surely the Science channel would lull me into boredom dreamland, but instead I found that tectonic plates are utterly fascinating. Who knew?

I don't have trouble with insomnia too often, but when I do it reallllllly makes me mad. But I seem to learn a lot.


School starts for the kids in 2 1/2 weeks and for me just a hair of 3. They are extremely excited to get back to their friends and Kady is so excited about riding a school bus she can hardly stand it. I am dreading it. This is the first year that all of my babies will be in school full time. I remember the day Abby started Kindergarten and how I cried and how my mom and sister had to keep me occupied all day for fear I'd drive down to the school and sit in the parking lot with binoculars to make sure she was okay. When Sam started Pre-K I cried, but had adjusted to the thought of school. But Kady....she's my baby! When the other two went off to school, she was still at home, still by my side, still, ya know, here. Now she'll be there not here and that makes me sad. Really sad. I may have to dust off the ol' binoculars again....


Yesterday it hit me like a shovel upside the head, I hadn't received confirmation of my financial aid for school yet. I had applied back in April, my FAFSA was renewed and sent to NEO and that was that.

See, when you enroll, the college gives you an email address that they use to correspond with you. I checked it during the semester and never ONCE got anything in that inbox. When the semester ended I kind of forgot about it. It occured to me yesterday that maybe I should check it.

Sure 'nough, there were four - FOUR - emails from the FinAid office telling me they needed my tax return and some worksheets in order to process my app. Guess when those emails were dated. May. I copied the necessary stuff, filled out the worksheets and loaded up the kids to go deliver the stuff in person.

I slunked up to the lady's desk and meekly said, "I need to turn these in so you can process my application." Then I stepped back and suppressed the urge to curtsy. This woman held my college career in her hands because for me, no financial aid means no school. Period. She asked if they had requested the information and I nodded and said, " May." She grinned but didn't say anything. I added, "See, I kind of forgot about that NEO email address." Then I giggled and said, "I'm sure that's not the first time you've heard that." No reply. "Oh please, ma'am, tell me that I am not the only dingbat who forgot about the NEO email!" She laughed and said, "I hear that phrase a lot. Every day. You're fine, hon."

She said they should have me processed by next week and yay, I can go to college again.


Speaking of college, I mentioned awhile back that I had been offered a workstudy job, right? Well, when I got the job at DHS I knew I had to call the lady at the college and tell her that I was working and could not commit to her 20 hours a week, work 20 hours a week at my other job, take care of my children, fix food for my family, bathe and sleep. She was so sweet and said that wasn't a problem. I explained that I understood that if she needed someone who could work 20 hours that I understood. She said she'd rather have me a few hours a week than not have me at all. And while that was a huge compliment, at the same time I felt panic closing in.

I'm such a perfectionist and y'all know I'm compulsive with a wee bit of obsessiveness thrown in for kicks and giggles, so not being able to devote at least 3 hours a day to school work makes me nervous. But I think I have it figured out.

I work 9-1 every day at DHS. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I will come straight home to an empty house where I can obsess over my grades and schoolwork in peace until the kids get off the bus. On Thursdays I will go from DHS to the college and work there until 5, take an hour to grab a bite to eat, then go to my night class till 9. Thursdays will be lonnnnnnnng days, but as long as my boss at the college is okay with 4 1/2 hours a week from me, I can do it.

I think.


Last night I found the writing surface of my desk.

It is wood.

I also have a desk calendar.

Who knew.


Some strange truck just drove up to my house and like an idiot I opened the door to see who it was. The guy approaching my house appeared to be close to 432 years old and I've seen turtles walk faster than he was walking, but I am still such a ninny that I totally freaked out when I saw something dangling from what appeared to be holsters on either side of him. I locked the storm door because apparently I thought the plexiglass storm door was going to protect me from bullets.

Turns out it was his oxygen.



Hillbilly Mom said...

Great Googley Moogley! How did our best substitute teacher find his way to your house? That man is so slow, a terrapin could lap him in a quarter-mile race.

Kay Dennison said...

I may never ever see the top of my desk again! It looks like a job for Batman!

Carmel said...

I also believe in guardian angels. I know my son MUST have one. We made so many ER trips when he was younger, (in Okinawa) that the doctors threatened to name a wing of the hospital after him.

Many broken bones. That this is the first for you is a great thing. Here's hoping it's the last!

Mommy Needs a Xanax said...

I too am wondering if I've waited too late to complete my registration for this trimester.

Curtsying may not be a bad idea in the fin. aid office. When I was in college at USM, those bitches had NO sense of humor.

Sam said...

Lunesta, 3mg. Kicks insomnia's ass. Hard. And no hang-over in the morning. I love and would have it's children. Even if they turned out blue and oddly pill-shaped.

Congrats on the school. I am jealous. I love school.

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