Saturday, July 07, 2007

Do over

Okay, so I misunderstood the clear-as-mud stupid meme that GoingLikeSixty put forth and he's given me one shot at a do over on Stupid Meme #1. Methinks someone is just conceited and likes to hear good things about himself. But that's just my opinion....

So here we go....

8 Things I Like About GoingLikeSixty:

1. He really likes M&M's.
2. He makes me laugh every single day.
3. When I first started reading his blog, I thought that "boomer" meant he was from Oklahoma and was anti-Sooners (OU) and anti-Cowboys (OSU) and thought he was an Okie anarchist.
4. He mounted a squirrel. (heehee)
5. ˙ʇxǝʇ dılɟ uɐɔ ǝɥ
6. He wants to see my coconuts.
7. He's techy, pithy, knowledgeable, hilarious and someone I could hang with.
8. He says he's going to buy me a beer when I get off the island. I am so holding him to that. Of course, one of us is going to have to fly..... here's hoping he's got some frequent flyer miles or something.

1 comment: said...

Yeah, if anybody knows about mud, it's you guys. Remember, I said my me me wouldn't be popular. (BTW, do you call M&M's me mes?)
I only read your blog to raise my self-esteem!
Do you like queer beer?

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