Monday, November 21, 2005

You'll know it's me by the perpetual spitup stain on my left shoulder

I think that's going to be the title of my book. It's long and wordy, but oh so me. We shall see. But hell, when in the world would I find time to write this book? There are so many babies in this house right now that my computer time during the day is just a memory.

CBG, Cute Baby Girl, started today and man, all I've gotta say is - I have GOT to get that child on our schedule! She's more of a cat napper, whereas all of my other kids are solid hour-and-a-half afternoon nappers with a 45 minute morning nap thrown in for the little ones. She just sleeps 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, all day long. Her momma says that's pretty par for her, but I'm going to do my dangest to change that.

The day postively flew! But then, when you change approximately 8 diapers - four of them poopy - before 10 am and your day only started at 7:30, well, time does seem to fly. I have become a human jungle gym as well. At one point I had Kady hanging on my back, CLB sitting on one leg, entwining his slobbery little fingers in my hair, CBG sitting between my legs trying her best to chew on CLB's shoe and CBB dogpiled us all while Chandler watched and giggled. And I was having so much fun, that I just giggled, too.

Mr. Diva was off today. He stayed in the living room and played PS2 pretty much all day. Although, he did give CLB his naptime bottle and that helped me out SO much. When the two baby boys were down for their morning nap and the two big kids were engaged in a serious Leggo construction project, CBG decided to fight sleep with every ounce of strength in her little body. I was singing to her, rocking till I was nearly motion sick and praying that she'd wear herself out before I wore out. Mr. Diva came to the toyroom door, stood there a minute and finally said, "Uhh... if her head spins around and green pea soup comes flying out of her mouth I'm outta here." And by then I was seriously wondering if that very thing wouldn't happen. But then she finally fell asleep and I just rocked and rocked her and smelled her little baby hair and rubbed her little baby back and oohhhh that was nice. She's not as chubby as my CLB, but it was still nice to rock and smell her.

Tonight is Ladies' Night at the Buffalo and I'm actually going. I haven't been in over a month due to exhaustion and a cranky husband, but since the cranky husband went out there himself last night with my mother, he didn't bat an eye when I asked this morning. Then afterwards we're going to W*M and Mom's buying me a turkey. I remember the day when Mom would take me to Wal*Mart and buy me a toy. Then later in life she'd take me to Wal*Mart to buy feminine hygeine products. As of late when she takes me to Wal*Mart to buy me a treat it's laundry detergent or toilet paper. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong. I just find it interesting how times have changed. From toys to toilet paper. I'm all grown up, it does seem.

Ooh I better change shirts before I head to the casino - that spitup stain I mentioned in the title wasn't a joke.


Queen Of Cheese said...

I seriously thought about calling you yesterday at noon to see if Nati could come out there. She'd been w/ me all morning because she had an asthma attack Sunday and went to the Dr. She was driving us crazy here at the office but I figured you had your hands full. At least she wouldn't have spit up on you (oh I hope not anyway)!

MamaKBear said...

Boy, I have a hard enough time with a 2 (almost 3) year old and just ONE 7mo old baby...don't know how you do it!

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