Sunday, November 13, 2005

It hasn't been a good day for the little Diva

This evening, my son - the only male offspring I own, the most ornery little snot in the universe and one of the most curious children to ever exist - told his little sister that if she'd touch a lightbulb (a burning one) that he would, too. Well, she thinks her big brother is the bomb and well, if Bubby's going to do it, too, why the heck not? So Sam went first - touched the light bulb for probably half a second and pulled back. But Kady? I'm guessing the child laid her fingers on it until she felt the skin sizzle. I love her to pieces and she's really rather smart, but my gosh, child, WHERE was your common sense???? She now has two blistered fingers. I, of course, got onto Sam for telling his 3 year old sister to do something so foolish, especially when he KNOWS she adores him infinitely, but I also had to tell Kady that that really wasn't the brightest thing she's ever done.

THEN, tonight the whole crew was loading up to leave the farmette. I had sent my kids off to the van and TaterSis had sent hers off to her van. Kady was whining that she wanted to hug Grammy. I asked Ab to unbuckle her and help her out of the van, then I tapped on Mom's car window and was handing her a sack of leftover Halloween candy and said, "Hold on a minute, Kady wants a hug." The next thing I hear is screaming and I look back to find my youngest child lying on the ground next to the van. Abby was yelling and Kady was screaming and I couldn't even imagine how that had happened. I yelled at Abby, because she has a tendency to get very short-tempered with Kady when she's tired and put out and I figured Abby had gotten a little rough with her and accidently knocked her out of the van. But when I saw Kady not moving I couldn't have cared less how it happened, I just knew something was wrong. I ran toward her and so did everyone else. I scooped her up off the ground and Paul was, of course, saying "Eh, she's fine. Just a bump. She ain't hurt." Then she reached for Mom and Mom took her and we saw blood on her hand. Paul said, "She's cut her finger or something." Mom switched her around and in the light of the pole light, Sis caught sight of the side of the child's head and gasped, "Oh. My. Gosh." She was bleeding. Bad.

We all know head wounds bleed bad. It's pretty common knowledge. But seeing the side of your child's head covered in blood kind of well . . . it just plain FREAKS YOU OUT. Paul said, "Get her in the house. We need light." Mom started running with Kady and we all followed. Bub ran ahead and got the house unlocked and lights on, we all gathered in the foyer to pick through my daughter's hair like so many jungle monkeys looking for lice. After soaking paper towel after paper towel we still couldn't find a wound, but we definitely found some lovely purple knots. Bub was the one to finally think to wet a paper towel to clean the blood off her scalp, and it was then that we found the itty bitty puncture. Probably from a piece of gravel. It's deep but not very big, definitely not stitch-worthy. She had her face buried in Mom's shoulder the entire time and Mom was trying to talk to her about a special slumber party once we get the farmette done and I think she even offered to pay for her college education and promised her a new car, but don't quote me on that. All of the sudden Kady got quiet and then said, in a small, scared voice, "Momma? Can I just go to sleep?" Well, just imagine how quick I whipped my cell phone out and dialed the hospital.

Except, I didn't dial the hospital. I dialed Wal*Mart.

The second time, though, I dialed the hospital. And after speaking with the ER nurse and trying to wave away my husband who was in my other ear going "Aw hell, she's fine. It's just a small head wound. Why, of course they're going to want to see her, the money hungry ..." I got instructions to wake her every 2 hours for 4 hours and to watch for confusion, vomiting and just general goofiness.

Why, oh why, can't we just do something simple and normal and NOT dramatic?


Now, here are some tidbits of information that I haven't had time to blog about lately.

*The Divas now have caller ID. And just in the nick of time - the Discover Card payment was due last Thursday.

* The Farmette is ALMOST DONE!! For real this time!! The laminate floor is down in the entryway, in front of the fireplace and in the dining room. Tuesday morning the carpet will be laid throughout the house and we will commence to moving them Tuesday evening. TaterSis is determined to stay there that night - even though it's supposed to rain and we may not be able to move any furniture. Guess we'll be loaning them some sleeping bags.

*The kids and I have gone to church two whole Sundays in a row. Back to the church I had issues with a year ago. I asked my friend, Trishia - she's my most Biblically wise friend - what do you do when you feel like God wants you to go somewhere that you really just don't want to go? She said, "My friend, I have but one thing to say to you - Jonah." And since my life is just insane enough that I might actually end up in the belly of a rather large fish, we got ourselves to church. So far, so good.

*Tater and I took the plexiglass off of the hornet closet this last week. There were probably 50 or so dead yellow jackets lying around the hole, but no buzzing and no moving ones. We doused the opening with more poison just for good measure and put everything back in the closet. Paul is off the next two days and he's going to put that foam sealer stuff in the crack to ease my mind.

*Sammy lost one of his top front teeth Friday night. (Pics coming soon.) And, God love him, he's buck-toothed as it is. Some kids are cute when they lose those teeth. Him, not so much. Oh, he's cute, but just not as cute as I thought he'd be. Plus, he's discovered how to hang that remaining tooth over his lower lip just enough to give him a certain hillbilly, Deliverance, banjo-playin', cousin-lovin' look. I can't wait for the other one to come out just so he doesn't look like some of Paul's back woods kin quite so much.

*Jen and her husband and kids and the Divas all went out for pizza and bowling Saturday night. My kids had never been bowling in their lives. Paul and I hadn't been bowling since we first started dating. My first time up I rolled a smooth strike. Of course, it was downhill from there, but still it was a good enough start for Jen to declare, "I'm so not playing with you if you're going to do that!" My final score was 59 - Sam and Dawson helped me the last two frames, so it wasn't ALL me! Paul kicked all of our adult butts with his 126. But Abby, the child who had never bowled before in her life, bowled a 127. I told her that if she wanted to go on the Pro Bowlers Tour and become a millionaire and take care of her mother in her old age, that'd be okay.

*Next Saturday I am starting and finishing my Christmas shopping. A bunch of us girls are going together and I told one of the girls today, "I plan on shopping my legs off, girl, so if you're not up to it you better drive your own car!" I want it DONE and over with! I feel like I'm pretty organized this year and I think that with a little planning I can probably even draw up a pretty efficient map and itinerary. I'm also taking the back seat out of the van.

*Night before last I had insomnia. I knew it was coming and fortunately I had a good book to read. I have had this awful sinusy/cold thing goin' on and I have been taking Nyquil at night and Tylenol Sinus or Cold or Sinus Cold or whatever during the day. I can take cold medicine for about three days with no problem, but after about three or so days it builds up in my system and I can't sleep. I just caught up on my infomercials that night. If you are considering a Little Giant Ladder System, Diva says thumbs up!


Kim said...

whoa, the church issue just stepped in my puddle a bit. I haven't been to church what you'd call regularly in about 2 years now. I was a 2 times Sunday, most Wednesdays attendee.
Lots of reasons for my continued absence-at this point laziness probably being the biggest. Others include-our church is Southern Baptist. Our pastor has made me cry on numerous occasions because he was mean to me, our youth pastor almost completely alienated my child, three of my fellow sunday school classmates were arrested for various reasons ranging from perjury to theft. That's a few of the reasons. But I miss going to church. I really do. I'm kind of searching I guess. In a haphazard, half-ass kind of way, but searching none the less.

Jonah. I may have to ponder on this.

The insomnia...I sympathize. I have suffered since I was around 12. It sucks. Good luck. Chamomille tea actually DOES work sometimes for me.

MamaKBear said...

Oh. My. God...I definitely would have been freaking out if blood was coming from the head of my little one! *shudders at the thought* I'm glad she didn't get hurt worse.

I can sympathize with the insomnia's 2am and I should be sleeping, but I'm not quite ready too yet. Besides, I've been busy since about 10:30 with a puking 2 yr old. EWWW

Queen Of Cheese said...

I understand the church thing. We went from there every time the doors open to holiday worshipers for no apparent reason other than we are too busy. Not an excuse that will hold up well with God but it's all I've got right now.

Redneck Diva said...

Kim-I hope I didn't step too hard into your puddle! But girl, I SO understand your frustration at a Southern Baptist church. The one we're currently attending and had attended before is SB. When we started going we loved it, felt like we were home, jumped in with children's program, youth activities, committees, functions, you name it. Then the cliques were formed and feelings were hurt and people were talking behind people's backs and even after several gatherings of all those involved and promises and apologies, things got worse. We finally just quit. And after a year of not going anywhere and fielding questions from my children, I started praying. Hard. And I felt like God was really telling me to go back there. And I didn't want to! Even though I feel like it's my church home, I have issues with several people there, the pastor and his wife included. That's when my friend mentioned Jonah and how Jonah didn't want to go to Ninevah, but God wanted him there. It really hit me hard. I'm not sure what God has planned for me at this church, but I do know that my fervant prayers before I walk in the doors has kept me from leaving the service in tears like I used to. Hang in there, hon.

MamaK-It's so scary when you see blood coming your child!! And even though you try to stay calm for all those involved, it's so hard to do when all you want to do is run around in circles and scream, lol. When it was all over, I got the shakes bad. I can't imagine how I'd react if she'd been really hurt! OOh but let's not think about that...

Hope the little one is better today! I hate having puking children. Bleh

Mrs.Coach-We did the same thing - there virtually every time the doors were open to not going at all. We weren't too busy - I just didn't feel like I was doing much good by walking through the doors angry and leaving angrier. So far, God's helping me with that this time around.

Kim said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement. There aren't alot of options as far as churches go around here. Tons of Baptist, a few methodist, lots of pentecostal, 2 Assemblies of God, 1 Catholic church, and a some non-denominational churches. That's pretty much it. So I'm going to have to suck it up and go where I'm the least likely to leave mad or in tears.

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