Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Nothing happened

Yesterday Tater came over and watched my daycare kids for an hour while I took Sam's class some cookies for his birthday. When she was leaving she said, "I'll be by at 5:30 to pick up Sam for karate." What? I said, "Uhh, no...I was planning on taking him, like usual." She replied with her ususal retort of "eat a booger" and then said that she was taking him, no arguments, so hush. Okay by me!! That meant I didn't have to leave my house! PLUS she also said she'd take him to Wal*Mart to spend his birthday money. Score!! At a little after 5 she called and asked, "Is it too late to ask if your kids can spend the night tonight?" And I'd have replied, but I jumped up off the couch to go pack their bags and forgot to be polite.

My wonderful sister took my three children and her two children to karate AND Wal*Mart two days before Thanksgiving AND took them down the toy aisles! She is a saint, I swear.

So Paul and I went to Men's Night at the Buffalo and well, I didn't win anything because obviously I'm not a man and I'm thinking there are rules there or something. Oh, I take that back - I did almost jackpot on RedBall, but it was rather anticlimactic considering I actually DID jackpot on RedBall on Ladies' Night!!!!!! (Didja like that segway there? Pretty smooth, aren't I?) I walked out last night $40 in the hole, but walked out of there on Ladies' Night $100 to the good.

I slept till 9 this morning and woke up with a horrendous backache from TOO MUCH SLEEP. I've decided that for the sake of my poor old body, less sleep is oh so much better. If I sleep more than about 6 hours a night I wake up achy, I crackle and pop and wince with every step and it's just not worth it. 3 hours of sleep is too little and 8 is just too much. 6 seems to be a perfect number for me.

I was excited at the prospect of a day to myself and planned out all of the constructive things I was going to do - clean out a closet, decorate the house and get the trees ready for the kids to decorate, vacuum the floors, mop the kitchen, clean the bathroom....

Wanna know what I accomplished today? I did one load of laundry. I loaded the dishwasher and wiped down the kitchen cabinets. I read a few chapters in my new book. I watched my soap opera. I had an hour-long phone visit with Cousin Stacey, which I enjoyed immensely. (I miss her.) I took a 2 hour nap. That's it. I am such a slug.

Tater just called and asked if the kids could spend another night. I SO said yes, but I really can't sleep 8 hours tonight! I might slip into a coma and the EPA might possibly come and quarantine my house. I've just decided that maybe I'm just too used to performing household chores in the few precious moments I get while a nap is taken or Little Einsteins is playing on Disney. I wasn't quite sure how to tackle my tasks today considering there wasn't anyone to interrupt me and ask for a drink or if they could color or to tell me that someone else was poopy or wasn't sharing.

Paul wasn't really happy to drive in this evening to find me still in my Tinkerbell pajamas (They're just regular pajamas with Tink on them - they're not actually fashioned like Tink's outfit. That would just be wrong on a fat chick.) and the house still a wreck. But now that I've had more sleep in one 24-period than I usually do in 3 days I'm sure I'll drive him nuts by making him get down the Christmas decorations for me and running the vacuum while he's trying to watch COPS.

I doubt I blog tomorrow because again this year, I am the host for the Diva/Tater Thanksgiving Festival of Turkey. I'll be cooking and baking from the butt crack of dawn until I finally get the chance to rest my weary feet at 5:30 when the meal is served.

I love the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

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