Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Whiney Wednesday

I haven't whined on a Wednesday in awhile, so I'll give it a go today. Now, Mr. Diva would probably disagree with that statement, because he says I whine all the time. And yeah, I've heard my voice on tape and I do kind of whine. A lot. Oh well, love me, love my whine.

*It's hot in this durn house now. It was in the 20's this morning when we got up and the fire had gone out during the night. Mr. Diva built one before he left and I've kept it going all day, but now I'm letting it fizzle because we're all miserable. Kady and CBB are stripped down shirtless and CBB also woke up from nap sweating. Last year we burned mulberry or something and it didn't burn hot at all. This year we're burning oak and it's about to run us out. Two years ago we burned oak as well and there were a lot of evenings we'd have the fire going and a window cracked.

*I have the beginnings of a headache. I really don't have time for it to work itself into a full-fledged one. Tonight we're having a big moving party for the Taters.

*Speaking of moving parties, have I mentioned that we're having one for the Taters tonight? I love them and I'm so happy for them, but dadgummit it's LOST night! AND it's a special extended episode about the people in the tail section of the plane!!

*I'm broke and payday's not till Friday.

*Mr. Diva is being a real butt about me and Tater going Christmas shopping Saturday. He doesn't want to watch the kids when he gets home. He won't be home from work till 7:30 and they go to bed at 8:30 on the weekends, so it's not like he'll have a lot to do with/for them. Plus, I'M the one paying for the sitter! I don't want to pay for one after he gets home, too. Grr.

*It's hot, dammit.

*There are cobwebs over my computer desk. I just looked up there when I was stretching my neck, trying to work out this headache. Iew. I got the ones in every other nook and cranny out here, but obviously forgot this section.

*My lips are chapped. (Can you bring me my chapstick? My lips hurt real bad!)

*The cats are out of catfood and when Abby asked her daddy to get her some last night he told her that if she wanted him to buy catfood she had to get rid of two cats. What a jerk! She came to me in tears this morning asking me if I knew of anyone who would want a cat and would take care of it. Grr.

*I have no clue what to get my son for his birthday. I gave my really good ideas to my mom.

*While I have made serious progress on the condition of my office these last two days, it's still a big ol' pit. I still need to file. I really hate to file.

*Discover's calling again. But guess what? I HAVE CALLER ID, SUCKAS!! Friday's payday, you dooderheads. You will just have to wait. You and the rural water district.

*I'm afraid that seeing Tater's new house all shiny and new and clean is going to make me want to push up our date to start our remodelling endeavors here. We really can't afford it now, but I have a feeling I'm going to get the itch. If anyone wants to know, I want casino gift certificates for Christmas. Maybe I can win us a remodel.

*The kids are fighting over the Leggos. We have approximately 40 katrillion of them, yet they all four want to play with the same 20.

Well, that's it. I'm whined out. I think I'll go chase some Motrin with the last mini Snickers bar left over from Halloween.


jules said...

Hey, at least you don't still have the hornets or wasps or whatever they were. Be happy!:)

Queen Of Cheese said...

Careful with putting off the water people, they shut off with no notice and it costs $150.00 or so to get it back. They cut mine off for $14.50 and I was out another $150.00 to reconnect. The guy wasn't even 2 miles down the road from our house when he had to turn around and cut the lock off. Mr. Coach was PISSED! He was to the point that if a well would dig itself we were gonna have well water. When he realized he would have to dig it, he decided to put the gun down and let the guy go.

Kim said...

Our local tour of homes is soon. I LOOVE to go, but I always come home and go "blech!" My house is suuuuper dated in some rooms.

Don't apologize for having a whine. We all need a pity party sometimes. :-)

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