Monday, November 14, 2005

Polka dots

Kady is watching Blue's Room and someone keeps saying "polka dot" over and over and over and over and over and over again. Yeesh. If I were a betting woman, I'd say that there is some critter on the show that is quite possibly polka dotted. But, I could be wrong.

Cute Baby Girl finished her week here at Diva Daycare last Friday, but she might be back. Oh, I hope she comes back. It was so much fun having a baby girl here. (Not that I don't love all my baby boys, because I really do, but ohmygosh all that pink!!! And the hair bows!!! I was in heaven.) Her regular sitter has jury duty every other week for the next month or so, so we knew there was the possibility of her being a return visitor, BUT the sitter is also considering just giving up the daycare thing altogether. So after checking with all of my parents to make sure they didn't have a problem with yet another little one being here and no one objected, I offered to keep her full time, forever and ever and always. Her mother was so happy she grabbed me and hugged me. Then her momma called me yesterday to tell me that the sitter is waffling (again) and might go ahead and keep her. Yeesh. I really hope I get her because Mr. Diva says that when I get one more kid here in diapers we get to pay for trash pickup!! WHOO HOO

I just spoke with Irish Divinity a bit ago and she's planning on bringing her baby to me in February, depending on when the little guy gets here. I can hardly wait for that!! A itty one!! Oh my gosh, I won't know what to do with myself. Jen is already planning on spending more time out here just so she can hold him.

Tater and I rearranged the toy room last week, today I made the final transition and now, Diva Daycare is confined to one room. The toyroom is now where we spend our entire day and I gotta say, there were two really happy little boys this morning. It's always been that the little ones and I stayed in the living room and the big ones could play wherever they wanted. But I finally got things organized and now everyone plays out here. CBB and CLB touched and tasted and squealed over every toy out here this morning. I fully expect there to be more squealing this afternoon as well. The cubbies are out here, the toys are out here, there's also a TV for our post-nap cartoons and we've got the inside scoop that Santa is bringing a VCR for the toyroom for special occasions, plus a wall mount for the whole shebang. And when it's time for lunch we move to the kitchen and then it's naptime and well, dadgummit, I just have this thing down pat. If you could see me right now, you'd see that I am SO patting myself on the back. Not that I'm trying to be arrogant or anything. It's just that I feel really centered right now, like I am really doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I have a purpose and I have control over my life and how it happens. My gosh, I'm happy.

The whole room transition was also due to the fact that I was worried about my Christmas trees. I put up two, ya know. And I know how curious those two little ones are. When Sam was a little over a year old, we caged our Christmas tree. Our neighbors had built a cage out of 2x4's and lattice work for their wood burning stove when their boy was little and it just fit perfectly around my Christmas tree. So we used it. We strung lights and garland on it and it was quite a conversation piece, I gotta say. So that was my plan this year - to cage the living room tree and just keep them away from the kitchen tree. But the cage that Bub and Sis built for their tree when their kids were little is stashed somewhere in the bowels of the many storage units they are occupying right now and I just can't afford the $50 it takes to build another one. So if I can't cage the tree, I'll just rearrange the house, lol. That's how important my Christmas trees are, dadgummit. I take my holiday decorating very seriously. And this year, Mr. Diva can gripe all he wants, but that dadgum deer head on the wall is wearing a red velvet ribbon as well.

Sam's having his first non-family birthday sleepover this Friday night. He's so excited that I'm either going to have to sedate or muzzle him before the week is over. He wanted to go play Lazer Tag, but that is really expensive. I told him that if he wanted to use the $100 that his Granny gives him to take his friends to play that was fine by me. But it would use up most of his money. He thought about it for oh . . . about 5 seconds and said, "Eh. Nahhhhh. I'd rather have toys. Will you just rent us some movies for the party?" He thinks so much like his father. But then after the bowling expedition on Saturday night he now wants me to take them bowling. I can handle 4 infants and 2 preschoolers for 10 hours a day, but taking 5 grade school boys to the bowling alley by myself for 2 hours just sounds like the worst kind of torture I could endure. I'm thinking pizza and some super hero movies and we'll call it good and say "Happy Birthday to Sam." Yes, his mother's a wimp, but eh, boys with wimpy mothers usually turn out alright. Don't they?

Tonight is the final night of preparation of the Farmette. Mr. Diva and Bub are going down when Bub gets off work to finish the trim in Addison's room and the last piece of sheetrock. Tater and I have to go shopping for the PTC's Santa's Workshop at 5:30 at Wal*Mart with the store manager and 5 other helpful mothers, then she and I will head down there to dust mop then wet mop all the floors and get things cleared away. DivaMom is playing the part of The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe - but don't you ever tell her I said she was old - she's taking all five kids to Addison's dance class, God love 'er. I think we might actually get their house done this time.

Tater and I sat down this morning and planned the menu for Thanksgiving. I'm so durn excited I can hardly stand it!! Wednesday the trees go up, Thursday I'll cook and bake all day and then Friday I'll collapse.

I love the holidays.


MamaKBear said...

This post made me smile! It's been kinda a crappy last couple of days for me, so I needed it.

I can SO feel your excitement! I can't wait 'til we have a tree..but I hadn't thought about the fact that baby girl will most likely be crawling then! May be caging ours, huh?

Glad the Diva Daycare is really coming together for you...sounds like you're really gettin' all your ducks in a row! :)

Queen Of Cheese said...

5 little boys bowling isn't THAT bad! You take 2 babies to Wal-mart without major incident and that terrifies me! I took 3 under the age of 16 months one time I thought I was going to have to drink the bleach from the shelves! Bryce is excited about the party too. (He bowled on a league when he was 5 so if you need bowling assistance just ask). I told him you'd probably just stay at home and play so anything you do other than that will just be gravy!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I agree with Mrs. It is much harder to take babies to Wal-mart than take boys bowling. My #1 son has had a bowling party for his birthday for 3 years. He has been bowling in a league for a while, so he knows how to run that automatic scorer thingy. All I have to do is pay and fetch the shoes for the kids.

Then he has a sleepover, and they bring their Nintendo games and Gameboys. They have a blast. Of course, I leave them with HH and go to my Hillbilly Mama's house for the night. Easy as pie.

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