Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The day winter came to Oklahoma

Actually, it would be more appropriate to say "the morning winter came to Oklahoma". When Tater got here at 7am the temp outside was 68. By 9:20, when the kids and I left for Lab School it was 50. At 11:30 when I picked the kids up from Lab School it was 45. When Sam and I went through town one way this evening it was about 40 and on the way out it was 37. It's supposed to get down to 26 tonight. 23 tomorrow night. Dadgum!!

Mr. Diva built me a fire at noon today when he and Tater came home from the farmette for lunch. Ooh I love a fire in the fireplace!! (As opposed to a fire coming from the wall behind my dryer. Those, I don't love so much.) The house is so toasty and it smells good. Kady's sure to have an asthma attack by morning. Gotta take the good with the bad I guess.


The farmette is carpeted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were going to spend the night there tonight, but the wind is blowing somewhere around 900 mph and they didn't want to haul furniture in those conditions. But after they left Gentry's Kindergarten Feast, they took the kids to see the house for the first time. Mom said they were squealing, screaming and turning somesaults all over the place. She said the kids did, too.

I haven't seen it yet and I'm so anxious to! Tater and I are going to work really hard tomorrow to get the kids' rooms totally done by the time school's out tomorrow. Toyboxes, beds, the whole 9 yards.


Last night was really rather stormy. And as I mentioned in a previous post, we now have Caller ID. In order for the Caller ID thing to work we had to buy new phones. These new phones are rather sensitive to lightning I guess because they rang ALL NIGHT LONG. Since we live out here in the boondocks, we don't have a tornado siren handy. The rule around here is: if the tornado sirens go off in either town Mom or Tater are to call us and warn us of the impending twister. Now, Mr. Diva and I are both rather fond of storms and well, frankly, they make us both sort of randy. So imagine if you will, (or don't, if that makes you uncomfortable) gettin' all kinds of in the mood to play paddyfingers, all five children are sleeping soundly throughout the house, the door is shut tight, thunder and lightning and wind are adding a certain ambience to the mood lighting in your bedroom and suddenly the phone rings. That very thing happened at 11:30 last night. I shot up out of that bed, grabbed my glasses and started pulling bedding off the bed in anticipation of throwing the children into the bathtub and throwing blankets and a mattress over them all. Turns out, lightning was just making our annoyingly senstive phone ring. Repeatedly. I didn't sleep well last night.

I'm going to bed. Sleep well with visions of my nekkid self pulling the sheets off my bed running through your head.

Yes, you are welcome.


Queen Of Cheese said...

Diva! This time of year we are supposed to vision SUGAR PLUMS dancing in our head! Not YOU! Our smoke detectors go off when it lightnings, I think that's what made the kids ignore it the other day when the washing machine caught fire!

MamaKBear said...

Didn't have any storms here in OKC, but MY GOD, the wind!!

MrKB watches the news every morning before he goes to work and he says it's supposed to be back in the 60s today. Still pretty cold out there right now though.

Freakin' Okie weather...

~ A P R I L ~ said...

I thought Randy meant horny....

My Caller ID phones don't ring like that, that's odd. I have two Caller ID phones (one cordless, one corded) and neither are possessed when it's icky outside.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Uh...you think it's the phone? That psychic Sylvia Browne who's on Montel every Wednesday says a phone ringing with nobody there is someone from the spirit world trying to contact you. And that on the caller ID, it will say "unknown" or something like that.

Our phones never ring during storms, and we've got 5 different kinds plugged in. After my dad died, my phone rang about 5-6 times a day with nobody there. I would have blamed it on kids pranking me, but I hadn't been teaching for a year, due to having #2 son.

Where is your spook? Is somebody watching you "get it on"? And WHAT do they want to tell you?

MamaKBear said...

Yeah, my phones don't ring during storms either, actually. Maybe you DO have someone tryin' to contact ya!

Redneck Diva said...

Mrs.-Sugar plums, me - what's the difference?

Our smoke detector went off one the first night we lit a fire in the fireplace, right after we moved in here. The kids never even budged. They also didn't wake up the day the attic caught on fire. That's kind of scary!

MamaK-That wind was HORRENDOUS, was it not? The night of the infernal ringing of the phone, I thought the roof was going to come off!!

It's still cold here today and from the looks of it, it's not supposed to get warmer than about 52 for the next week. And down in the low 30's at night. Still a little warm during the day for my taste - I LOVE winter!!

April-Randy does mean horny . . . "paddyfingers" is my cuteish word for gettin' it on, lol.

I can remember when I was a kid, lightning would make our old rotary bell phones ding, but I've never had a cordless one do that.

Hillbilly Mom-Hmm...now I'm intrigued. I'd forgotten about the whole otherworldly phone contact thing. Yeesh, WHY would someone want to contact me during a stormy night? AND during sex? You think someone wants to give pointers from the other side?

Jerzee-OOh new blog!! I love it!! Glad to see you over here on Blogger - hope it's good to you!

Yeah, these 80 and 90 degree days in October and November are just WRONG. It should be cold and crisp, not warm and balmy.

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