Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I would appear my pants are on fire....

Because apparently I am a big fat liar!

I am SO sorry about the whole saying I'm gonna do a webcast then not doing a webcast thing. If it helps at all and makes you want to keep reading my blog can I blame it on the weather? And my little sister? Because she's the reason God made Oklahoma's weather stupid, I'm sure of it. In fact, I think someone wrote a song about that.....

It's rained harder than a cow peein' on a flat rock more than once this week. No joke. And lots of lightning, too. My paranoia won't allow me to leave any electronics plugged in if someone in the house even utters the word "lightning".

The next date is set for this Thursday. Seeing as how it is our first one, I am not EVEN going to attempt it live. However, keeping our fingers crossed while eating a four-leaf clover salad and sitting on a rabbit's foot while tickling a leprechaun should get the cast posted that night. I promise nothing because if I've learned anything as a parent, if you promise something is going to happen on a certain date at a certain time, it's pretty much a sure fire bet that it ain't gonna happen at that date and time. I should've remembered that when I got your hopes up TWICE.


Friday Ab had a friend spend the night. I really like this little friend and anytime she wants to come over I am all for it. However, it wasn't until Sunday night that Abby showed me the progress report that would've totally kept her friend from spending the night. Oh yeah, it was that bad. What makes me so dang mad is that it's because she's not turning in her work. She claims the D in Math is because "fractions are stupid" and you know, I totally agree with her because fractions ARE stupid, but not once did she come to me for help. (That may be because she knows I am a mathtard, but we'll not go there.) Anyway, she's in the in-school tutoring thing for that D, plus she's on serious restriction right now (Our word for "grounded" - because I strive to be different and frankly, to me, it's a more relevant term. Kids are not airplanes, after all.) which means no computer, no movies, no sleepovers and what hurt her most was that I am not giving her the $10 I gave the other two for the book fair at school. I hate to withold something as important as books, seeing as how she has a C in Reading already, but I'm trying to make a point. She cried when I put her on restriction and turned her back to me. That kind of stung, but I completely remember being soooooo mad at my mother when I felt she was the most unfair human on the planet, so I instead said, "Okay, I understand that you are mad at me. That's fine. I'd probably be mad at me, too. But, Ab, I'm right and you are just going to have to be mad." It took her about two hours to come out of her room, but when she did she came straight to me, put her hand in mine and laid her head on my shoulder. She was also verrrrrrry helpful with chores last night. Hmh. Coincidence? I think not.

When I asked her teacher for advice on what to do at home, aside from beating her, she emailed me back with, "Welcome to parenting a pre-teen. They wake up in a different world every day." Ah, wise sage.


Sunday morning Sam went forward during the invitation at church and accepted Christ as his Savior. As a parent, I don't think there is any happier moment as when you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you will see your child in Heaven.

This has been about a month in the works and people, it has been amazing seeing this all take place. When Abby was saved it was quiet, understated and she did it at Vacation Bible School when I wasn't around. Sam actually came to me about a month ago, telling me that he felt like God was talking to his heart. I asked what God said (because if you only knew Sam, there is no telling what comes out of him sometimes) and he said, "God told me that I'm a sinner and I need to do something about that. He said I need Him." How simple, yet how true. So we went to Pops and Pops has talked to him several times (how convenient when your pastor is also your dad/grandad), but told me that the decision has to be Sam's and while he would answer questions and guide him, he wasn't going to push. I love that man.

His baptism is scheduled a week and a half from now. Our church is very small and we don't have a baptistry, so we have to borrow the "dunk tank on wheels" that the Association keeps for baptistry-less churches. One older lady in the church suggested we just hold the baptism at the lake since the church is literally right above the lake, but that water is not only cold, but it's nasty. I said that the dunk tank on wheels would suit me just fine.

Also, praise God, Paul went to church with us Sunday night and we all moved our memberships to the same church. Paul, Ab and I all had our memberships in separate places, then Sam joined the new church this week. I had asked Ab several times if she wanted to join the church and she emphatically said yes, but she wanted to wait for her daddy. Since he works on Sunday mornings we had to wait till a Sunday night, but he went, loved it and we're all together as a family. Also, Paul got suckered into was asked to help with recreation time at Awanas on Wednesday nights. He did it willingly. Life is good.


My pants may be on fire, but I do have HAIR PICTURES, so hopefully that helps some.

And by the way, it's really hard to take pictures of your own hair. Just for the record. I couldn't get the light right or I'd take one at an angle that made me look like I needed some Rogaine for Women (Heaven help me if that's how my hair really looks) (Oh man, now I'm worried...) (Seriously.) and I took about 30 before I narrowed it down to these.

This shows the nice blonde streak that is reminiscent of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Fortunately, it's on the back of my head, not right in the front.

Pretty much the same picture......why did I post this one?

See what I mean about the light? In this pic my hair looks more red, but the other two it looks more brown with blonde.

Just so you know, she did two colors - Yes TWO! TWO VUNDERVUL COLORS! MUAH HAHAHAHAHAH - so if you were to see me in person you would probably see that there's dark brown in there, along with my natural color and then BAM! Emeril came along and kicked it up a notch with some blonde.

All of the various colors are more noticeable when my hair is straight, but did I mention that it's been a little rainy lately? Yeah. Not even a Chi can help when it's raining this much. Trust me.


It's springtime in Oklahoma and that means SEVERE WEATHER!!!!! (wild applause) As you know, I am a bigtime fan of severe weather, storms and they totally weren't kidding when they said, "When the tornado sirens go off, that's not signal to run for shelter, it's the signal for all rednecks to go stand in the yard and look for the twister." Amen and amen. Monday looked hopeful and there was even talk of a tornado in the area after I got to work, but the part of the storm that spawed the funnel had already passed over us, so we missed out. I'm ready for a good run to the 'fraidy hole. Paul's nephew lost his trampoline, so I'm hopeful this is the year we lose ours. I hate that trampoline.

So, that being said, let it be known that if the weather is bad on Thursday, there will be no webcast and it will have to be postponed yet again. If you want to pout and turn your back on me, fine, but don't get too sassy or I'll have to put you on restriction and take away your Book Fair money.


Jax said...

Well first off...WTG SAM!!!
Good luck on the pre-teen stuff....not there yet so I can't help ya there.
As far as you running me off....pfft WHATEVER!
and OMG....LOVE YOUR HAIR...We have the same hair color...how kewl is that?? LOL

jac said...

girl i love that hair! i have absolutely got to do something about my own head of hair.
it's so awesome that sam has made this decision on his own.
and about that thar webcast....i'll still be here waitin' if it's next year.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to your webcast whenever you can do it. Don't worry about running us off, girl. We ain't going anywhere! We may pout but we will remain.
Great hair!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

I am so proud and happy for Sam and his sweet Momma, too.

Oh, and GORGEOUS hair, girl!

CrystalChick said...

Please don't take away my book money... Barnes and Noble stock would surely suffer. ;)
Your hair is beautiful! Reminds me how desperately I need to do mine.
I feel for ya with the teen stuff. I just told my son this week that depending on what the marking period grades are, he could be missing XBox live for awhile. He's generally a good student so when things slip I try to get right on it. But he's a 14 year old boy, hello, I should be happy he's even still just playing video games and not into girls yet. LOL

Hope you get to do your webcast, I'll wander back soon regardless.
Peace, Mary

mombo said...

I'm fighting the same battle with my 15 yr. old. I just don't understand it - I was too much of a people pleaser to tank my grades! BTW, I.want.your.hair!

Anonymous said...

No making fun of the dunk tank, my Grandpa loving made that one and several others that were delivered to reservations in Arizona years ago. I remember sitting outside watching him build those (notice I didn't say I was helping, apparently errant holes made by a nail gun are not dunk tank appropriate!).

Sam said...

We had the hidden progress report episode earlier this year. Let me know if you want to hear what comes next...

Woot! for the purdy hair. I loves me some good hair color.

Stewed Hamm said...

OK, so I've been away for a while. BUT, I know well enough that you DON'T say stuff on the internet like "I hate that trampoline," unless you desire with all your heart to have the next storm deposit your nephew's missing trampoline right next to it in the yard.

So good luck with that. Oh, and I trust the Sam got his "Come to Jesus cake?"

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