Monday, April 28, 2008

Fire! Fire!

Okay, before I get to the real pictures for this post, I have to show off the awesome freakin' hair day I had last week. Behold:

Okay, you may continue.

We hosted a weenie roast out here at Redneck Ranch Saturday. Of course, you cannot get any members of my family together with hotdogs and not have suggestive conversation galore. We were all giggling and then out-and-out laughing at "Hey, honey? How do you like your weenie?" and "Watch it, hot weenie!" and other such mature comments and weiners and sticks just teeming with innuendo. I think it's something about stepping foot on our property - it turns them into well, us. Pops just sits back and smiles. I think he's praying, actually.

Be it noted that there were no actual weiners on their sticks at this juncture. They're just a bunch of budding pyromaniacs.

While this picture has nothing to do with the bonfire, it does, however show off the inherent orneriness that is my stepfather.

Dudes, that is a wet willie primed and ready if I ever saw one.

When Gentleman (as in "the gentleman Tater is seeing") said he was going to do it I didn't believe him. I laughed at him. He put it down. Then it was too much for him and he did it - he roasted a Twinkie.

While my son normally likes the everlasting Twinkie, he wasn't going for one over an open flame, no matter how much Gentleman tried.

Gentleman said he could see the caption of this picture now, "Gentleman was banned from future family gatherings for roasting his Twinkie." The entire family busted into uncontrollable laughter and when I could finally breathe again I said, "What you don't understand is I think this means you are truly one of us!"

Banned hell....we're making him our leader.


Going Like Sixty said...

Roasted Twink with hot cream!

There got that out of my system.

I think the roasted twinkie might be kind of tasty. Was it?

I love open fires. Just can beat having a little nip in the air, a little nip in one hand and a weenie in the other.

I will be thinking of weenies all day now.

BTW: your hair looked great.

Melessa Gregg said...

Pretty hair! And aren't weenie jokes kind of a requirement at Okie family gatherings. I think we all roast them just so we have an excuse. (Totally makes me want to go out with my shovel and finish the firepot DH made a half-hearted start on last Fall.)

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

LOVE your hair!

And would have loved to have been there to throw our weenies in the fire, too!

Cazzie!!! said...

Awesome hair, yeah yeah! Very cool, it makes you feel a million dollars until the next day, when you try to do it as good as the hairdresser! I had my hair cut last week and the hairdresser styled is to very nicely..the kids did not know who it was at the school gate when I went to pick them up :) Still, if I could do it that way every day, and have the time to do it I'd be happy :)
Love the pics of everyone having the weenie roast, LOL...what fun :)

CrystalChick said...

Ooh, beautiful hair!! I don't like Twinkies, but will seriously reconsider eating one that way! ;)
Looks like your family is fun!


Doll..your hair looked fabulous and I loved the idea of the roasted twinkie...definitely going to have to bring that one at our next camp out/bonfire.

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