Friday, April 04, 2008

Grumble grumble

Stupid Oklahoma weather.

Tater and I deliberated all day yesterday about recording the webcast. The final phone conversation on the subject was punctuated with a gigantic lightning bolt right in front of my car somewhere along I-44.

However, I have a brand! new! microphone that is just itching to transmit our melodic voices, so see, I'm really not pulling your leg. There will someday be a webcast!

Heck, I was tempted last night to just use Abby as my co-host, but she rolled her eyes and said, "Mom, teachers from school read your blog! No way am I talking on it!" Allllrighty then. That turned out to not be a option after all.

Of course, I asked her right after I had been dancing to "Low" while driving my van down the main drag in Vinita, you know, right after I slapped my booty at the appropriate time in the song. She slid down in her seat and said, "I SO don't know you. Who are you and why are you driving me somewhere? Crazy lady!"

I love that kid.

It's actually not supposed to storm tomorrow (one day reprieve! whoo hoo! we won't know what to do with ourselves!) so I'll dig up a co-host somewhere and see what happens. Regardless, it will be recorded and posted here as a playable file, so don't worry about times and stuff. You can access me 24/7 because I'm all accessible and stuff. Now I just need some Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur. Because not only am I accessible, I can get low. Just ask that strange child I drove around yesterday. She can vouch for me even if she claims she doesn't know me.


E-Dogg said...

My vote is for you and Heather to do a webcast about her reaction to the news of the NKOTB reunion.

I'm dying to hear. =-)

Erin Johnson (Crowley)

jennifer said...

I really hate the weather here in Oklahoma. Seems like one minute it's sunny and warm, and the next it's snowing or pouring rain.

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