Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wherein we name our animals after baked goods

After much debating and worrying and denying I think we've finally come to terms with the fact that Jake is gone. We saw him for about an hour two weeks ago and that was after he'd been gone before that for a month. He's either been shot or stolen or he's shackin' up with the hussy he's all twitterpated over.

So......we got a puppy.

Meet Biscuit.

Don't you just want to put him in your pocket and keep him forever? And you cannot - SIMPLY CANNOT - resist talking baby talk to him. Seriously. It is impossible.

We actually picked out two puppies, Biscuit and his blonde brother, but when we got to Tater's house to pick up our kids we kind of gave one to her and Gentleman. For her kids. Yeah, her kids. After a trip to Wal*Mart where we bought puppy pads, puppy chow, puppy bowls, puppy toys and a puppy collar we brought Biscuit home where we took 90 gazillion pictures of him and he slept a lot, totally unimpressed with our fancy schmancy human things. He's in the house for awhile because an owl would swoop down and have him for a midnight snack right now because have I mentioned that he's tiny and cute and has PUPPY BREATH??? Because if I haven't I probably will. It was more like Alpo breath earlier, but yeah, now it's puppylicious.

Notice his collar? It has paw prints on it! And the bear! All puppies should have a stuffed bear! And that black thing in the front? That's Sam's Justice League alarm clock. No, I didn't set it so the dog could get up and make me breakfast, I just heard it helps 'em sleep. He's curled up to it now.....oh my gosh I think my brain is going to explode with the cuteness.

We wore the poor little guy out with all the oohing and aahing and baby talking and picture taking.

We wore out this poor little guy, too.

Puppies rock.


(Notice the facial hair growing back WHOOHOO)


Shannon said...

AWWWW! He is adorable!

Betty said...

That is one cute puppy!

Sam said...

My Dude would eat him for breakfast. But he is very cute. Squee!

Going Like Sixty said...

Wonderful! Kids need a dog. Man needs dog. Woman takes care of dog.
Life is good.

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